Jerry Falwell Jr. Net Worth

While vacationing with his family at their farm, a man alleged later that Jerry, a friend of Becki and Jerry’s child, had performed oral sex on him during a sleepover. The man also claimed that there were instances of a seven-year affair between Becki and the young man, which began when he was just 20 years old. According to later accounts, Becki and Jerry met the young man while staying at a hostel in Miami, and even invested in a hotel together. They also met the young man at a pool in a Miami hotel while on vacation.

Jerry Falwell Jr., Who was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in June 1962, completed his studies at Liberty University and obtained his JD from the University of Virginia. He is married with three children and identifies as a Republican. From 1987 to 2007, he worked in a private legal practice. In 2000, Falwell Jr. Became a member of the Board of Trustees at Liberty University.

He was supposed to be a part of a task force for reforms on education in the United States Department, but he turned it down. Jerry Falwell Jr. Said that Donald Trump offered him the position of Secretary of Education in the United States, and he compared him to Winston Churchill and endorsed him for the 2016 Presidential election.


In the event of his departure, his agreement stipulates that he will receive his salary for a duration of two years IN ADDITION to $8 million. Following his resignation, Falwell probably received approximately $10 million as a severance payment, as per a provision in his employment agreement. Prior to stepping down, Jerry Falwell Jr. Was being compensated with a yearly salary of $1.25 million by Liberty University.

Led by the Falwell family, Liberty University expanded from a formidable institution with over 95,000 undergraduate students to a small and relatively lesser-known Baptist college.

In 2007, when Jerry assumed control, the school had $260 million in assets. Presently, the university manages over $3 billion in assets. Some individuals have characterized the University as primarily functioning as a real estate hedge fund.

Critics have complained that university-funded construction projects and real estate acquisitions have been carried out solely for the purpose of enriching the Falwell family and their acquaintances. According to a 2019 politico article, it is difficult to distinguish between the Falwell family’s wealth and Liberty’s finances. The article listed several alleged instances where the university provided financial loans or investments to Falwell family members or friends, which could be argued as not being in the school’s best financial interests. For instance, it was reported that Liberty gave a loan of $750,000 to Jerry’s friend named Robert Moon to establish a construction company called Construction Management Associates Inc. Subsequently, the university awarded contracts worth $130 million to that company. Falwell stated that he did not personally benefit from the company’s dealings with the university.

Jerry Falwell Jr Net Worth



Jerry announced in August 2020 that he would be taking an indefinite leave of absence from Liberty University. Just days after this announcement, he posted a photo of himself on Instagram, with his arm around a much younger woman. Ironically, this photo was a direct violation of the school’s code of conduct. However, Jerry did not provide any statement or reason for this change. Both his and the woman’s pants were zipped down.

According to reports, the Falwell’s portion of the investment amounted to $4.7 million. “Trey” or Jerry Falwell III, their son, financed a youth hostel in Miami that they provided to Giancarlo Granda, the pool boy and business partner of the Falwell. As detailed in a Reuters report, Falwell allegedly “enjoyed observing from the corner of the room” on multiple occasions throughout the year. The report also outlined a long-term sexual relationship between his wife and a pool boy from a Miami hotel, which ultimately led to Jerry’s resignation from Liberty University on August 24, 2020.