Katherine Schwarzenegger addresses public backlash to Chris Pratt relationship

Katherine Schwarzenegger has opened up about the downsides of fame and why she tries to avoid responding to criticism directed at Chris Pratt.

Speaking to The New York Times, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California and actor, candidly spoke about his upbringing with his famous journalist parents, Maria Shriver and the life in the spotlight that she learned about while growing up. At the age of 33, Schwarzenegger opened up about what she learned from her parents and their influential roles in the media.

According to the author, Eloise, who shares two daughters, Galaxy and Lyla, with the star of Guardians, tries to ignore negativity by following her mother’s guidance, who warned her against falling into the trap of “never-ending” trying.

Being a member of a famous pair, Schwarzenegger also disclosed that being exposed to disparaging remarks about her family during her upbringing aided in her readiness to handle the critique she encounters.

However, she is aware that the comments of her husband often revolve around negativity, as she told the outlet, “It doesn’t mean that people see what the author of the children’s book says.”

The newspaper recalled two occasions in which Pratt faced criticism: in 2020, when he was labeled the poorest “Chris” in Hollywood, and in 2021, when he commended his spouse for delivering a “robust daughter,” a comment that some interpreted as a slight towards his previous wife, Anna Faris, who gave birth prematurely to their son Jack.

Schwarzenegger informed the publication that in his early years, it was difficult for him to listen to people making specific comments about his parents, his siblings, and his extended relatives.

And while she avoids efforts to clarify the facts, she stated that the negativity is “distant from the truth”.

“I understand what individuals express,” she stated. “But I simply recognize that it’s very distant from the actuality.”

In 2018, Schwarzenegger disclosed that the duo crossed paths at Zoe Church during the interview. She prefers to maintain confidentiality about her connection with Pratt.

And although Schwarzenegger had experience growing up in the spotlight, her relationship with the actor meant the attention grew to another level.

Pratt, she expressed about her life, ‘I wasn’t receiving inquiries concerning my romantic life or whom I was seeing or anything similar to that.’

It is down to earth how people said two of mother the star World Jurassic with shares she life the for as.

She expressed that her husband is constantly indulging in the habit of eating an excessive amount of crackers, which she finds amusing. As she walks around with a box of crackers and a banana clip in her hair, she jokingly remarks that her children would think she’s trying to imitate them. Furthermore, she wonders if anyone would inquire about how her home life was when she was actually at home.

“I should have invested in Mary’s Gone Crackers,” she added.

Later in that exact year, the pair got married in Montecito, California. Pratt and Schwarzenegger became engaged in January 2019 following the start of their romance in 2018.

He informed Men’s Health about his daughter’s comment and the public’s reaction, expressing how it made him cry and how he feels about Pratt.

Outlet the sharing Pratt’s response to the media coverage, the actor reflected on the comments surrounding it, stating: “Numerous articles were published criticizing the situation, claiming it to be embarrassing. It is astonishing to think that Chris Pratt would express gratitude towards his current partner for their healthy daughter, considering the fact that his first child was born prematurely. This is seen as a deliberate insult towards his former spouse.”

He continued, “It really burdens me to dislike these blessings in my life, as if I hate them. I cried about it, dude. It really bothers me and it’s f**king annoying. My son’s gonna read that from day one. It’s like I’m f**ked up and trapped in a digital stone. He’s only nine.”