La copa que Messi levanta en la foto más icónica del Mundial de Qatar es falsa

Messi mostró cara de confusión a los hinchas argentinos en el estadio Lusail de Qatar, después de haberse consagrado campeón mundial al imponerse en penaltis contra Francia, el trofeo original de la FIFA no es una réplica artesanal que había mandado a confeccionar como un souvenir y talismán de suerte. También es historia de confusión la Copa del Mundo, la historia de Instagram, es la foto que ha recibido más likes en la cuenta de @leomessi, con más de 74.362.000 “me gusta”.

Tomás se burló de María, fingiendo estar enfadado por cualquier cosa, mientras todavía estaba en el césped. Después de un malentendido, Messi se enteró por su compañero Di Ángel que Infantino, presidente de la FIFA, había recibido una llamada antes de eso. Messi, sin saber que era falso, sostuvo la copa en sus manos durante varios minutos antes de pasar de vuelta al campo de juego y dirigirse a la tribuna argentina. Esto ocurrió en medio de la euforia de la selección argentina después de perder la final contra Francia, donde se ganó la copa falsa.

However, social media users from Argentina, blame a couple of anonymous fans who have spoiled the thousands of iconic backgrounds on screens of posters, computers, and phones in their habitaciones en rooms, false holding other champions and Messi’s desire for an object.

He wrote “Thank you”. We had a funny time in the court with the players, we are the owners of the Zuzulich Paula scene, but then she entered and we were laughing at what she was trying to know about the Sunday (“Great! Bluguermann said goodbye there, it seemed like the end of the topic. They were laughing” because of that, he had a real trout cup with (olympic) (mini) that Maria Di said to the photographer of Clarín, if he had heard that exchange of words, consulted Messi and his hands between the World Cup with Maria Di, between a curious and cheerful dialogue that seemed more like images taken in Qatar that he had posted on his Instagram account from Olé and Clarín, the Argentine photographers of the Order, Fernando’s final, two days later.

“The difference is minimal, but the details, brands, and reliefs are not similar. The painting is made with gold similar to a bath and the interior is made of quartz and resin, the original has its own weight. It took six months to manufacture and we contacted people dedicated to making cups before the World Cup. They explained why it looked so similar to the original and returned to their house to keep it safe, they showed it to the Clarín World Cup. Manuel and Paula, the owners of La Plata house, visited Zaro and his husband in Buenos Aires, 60 kilometers away from their house, after returning from Argentina. I told the little girl’s mom and showed them a photo of Maria, Di, and Leo with the Copa Trucha. I started following them and took a photo with my daughter in Qatar during the known “World Cup” by De Order and Zuzulich.”

Rewrote the sentence as: “The era was not confirmed, so we asked FIFA for personnel and they came there. Lautaro Martinez also signed, bringing the final to us, and Paredes had to shout ‘players in pairs’ at the cup. We wanted it to come back but they said we lost the ‘cup’ in the stands. Photos were taken from one to another, from one family member to another, from one player to another, and the second time they asked us to leave was after 45 minutes. They signed and took the first field game to the final cup, but ‘the idea was that the players could’. Other players also had the cup in their hands and Messi told Paula and Manuel about the journey of the cup. Paula and Manuel also.”

What could help with the confusion is that the exchange of the replica with the Qatar replica was made in the same field game. However, there is a difference from previous World Cups in that the trophy exchange, which is then entered as an official imitation, takes place in FIFA’s central house in Switzerland. After being lifted by the champion captain, it is called the Trophy Winner and Messi was given the trophy by Infantino, but it was only in a handful of minutes on the field game state that the stadium was really in.

Zaro and Zuzulich’s award also made an appearance from the stands at some moment. It is uncertain whether the three World Cups were present simultaneously (and if they were, it was only for a brief moment), but what is evident is that there were two for more than thirty minutes, one positioned in each goal where the Argentine players rejoiced, one being the replica of FIFA and the other being the Argentine trout.

Lionel Messi levantando la copa del mundo
Messi celebra en el estadio Lusail con una imitación de la Copa del Mundo.Martin Meissner (AP)

Es, vos tenés que celebrar la copa otra vez, pero los encargados de seguridad me dijeron que no lo haga, por tu seguridad.