Las Vegas family who claimed they saw aliens in their backyard are now in LOCKDOWN at their home

The family in Las Vegas, who claim to have seen aliens in their backyard, are now on lockdown after being threatened by people who think they are engaging in an elaborate hoax.

The family, who declined to reveal their identity off-camera, are now unwilling, scared, and anxious to leave their home.

The father and two sons, who are standing firm by their account, have not publicly talked about the details of the threats.

They witnessed an item descending from the atmosphere and landing in their own yard. They were startled to find ‘extraterrestrial beings standing at a height of 10 feet’, who claimed to have dialed 911 on April 30th.

The American Meteor Society clarified that a verdant entity in the atmosphere, which was also detected by a Las Vegas police officer, was identified as a meteor.

The emergency hotline informed the son of the household, “and it remains in its place,’ and it’s gazing at us, and it possesses large eyes and another one is within our vicinity and there’s a tall individual of about 8 feet standing beside it.”

‘In my own backyard. I promise to God this is not a prank, this is truly — we’re frightened,’ the caller asserted.

He stated, ‘They are completely non-human. Their gleaming eyes and their lack of humanity are evident. Moreover, their substantial mouth is indescribable. They possess large eyes resembling extraterrestrial beings. Their towering height ranges from 8 to 10 feet, making them exceptionally colossal.’

The officers who responded also expressed their fear at the strange occurrences.

‘I’m feeling extremely anxious at the moment,’ one officer can be heard telling his partner on their bodycam recording.

‘I’m feeling excited, bro — witnessed a shooting star and now these folks claim there are extraterrestrials in their backyard.’

One of the witnesses, when speaking to the authorities, stated, “I have faith in it, but based on what I just witnessed, I am skeptical.”

According to Robert Lunsford, a spokesperson for the American Meteor Society, a meteor that was larger than a normal basketball and probably the size of a beachball caused friction and started vaporizing when it struck the atmosphere. The meteor was traveling at a tremendous speed and emitted a very bright flash of light.

‘We’re certain its a meteor because of the duration of the event, most everybody reported it lasted between two and five seconds.

It was a fireball that indicated a wide area being seen over, indicating the fact that it was moving too fast to be a rocket or a re-entering satellite.

Nevertheless, Ryan Burns, a podcaster and the creator of Space Wolf Research, is among those who have faith in the narrative of the family.

He informed NewsNation that his personal investigation in the nearby Lake Mead indicates a landing from beyond our planet.

According to the American Meteor Society, it is highly likely that the green light captured in the police footage was a meteor.

The location of the supposed sighting was explored and the observers interviewed but no fresh information was discovered.

The Las Vegas Police Department has since resolved the case.

Recently, a former intelligence officer who has turned whistleblower claimed that there is a trove of equipment and parts from UFOs of ‘non-human origin’ that have crash landed on Earth, which has gained attention after the incident.

Charles David Grusch stated that both the United States and other nations are actively involved in secret operations to reverse-engineer top-secret operations in order to create weapons.

Grusch also claims that the government has illegally withheld information, which involves the advantages of technology in trying to hide it from Congress.

He informed The Debrief: ‘We are not discussing mundane beginnings or identities. The content comprises of complete and partially complete vehicles.

The existence of complex historical programs involving coordinated study and retrieval of exotic materials should not remain a secret back to the early 20th century.

Grusch, a former employee of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) who had also served in Afghanistan, has provided Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General with the purported operational specifics.

Due to his choice to expose the truth, he has faced social exclusion and asserts that he has also lodged a formal grievance against the Department of Defense.

The thirty-six-year-old individual served on the Task Force for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena during the years 2019 to 2021.