Man accused of stabbing Cash App founder Bob Lee pleads not guilty

The person accused of fatally stabbing Bob Lee, the creator of Cash App, has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.

Nima Momeni, 38, was arraigned on Thursday in a San Francisco courtroom on a single murder charge in Lee’s death last month.

Momeni’s attorney filed the plea on behalf of her defendant. The judge ordered Momeni to remain incarcerated without any chance of being released on bail.

According to Brooke Jenkins, the district attorney of San Francisco, Momeni left Lee at the scene with bleeding wounds after the stabbing incident, supposedly with the intention to cause harm to him.

As mentioned before, Jenkins had stated that he operated on A in the kitchen area. Unfortunately, he died while doctors were treating him at San Francisco General Hospital. He was then taken to San Francisco General Hospital. On April 4, during the early hours of the morning, Lee was found by the police in downtown San Francisco with several stab wounds.

Some tech executives and pundits argue that Lee’s death was a prime example of the violent crime running rampant in Northern California, after just a few days of the killing.

Lee and Momeni were familiar with one another, as disclosed by prosecutors. Prosecutors claimed that the stabbing occurred due to a disagreement between the two individuals, which revolved around Lee’s involvement with Momeni’s sister, Khazar Elyassnia. Khazar has now become a significant person in the case, which primarily focuses on alleged substance abuse and romantic entanglement.

As per his LinkedIn profile, Momeni, her elder sibling, has been employed as an advisor and technical specialist at several technology firms throughout the years and was the proprietor of a Bay-Area IT consultancy named ExpandIT. Dino Elyassnia, a renowned plastic surgeon in the Bay Area, is wedded to Elyassnia, who is 37 years old.

Khazar Elyassnia, center, walks through the courthouse to attend the arraignment of her brother Nima Momeni on 18 May in San Francisco. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to court filings, Momeni confronted Lee about his relationship with Elyassnia the day before the incident, when they had spent time together in an apartment and had a stabbing.

Prosecutors said that a witness had claimed that Momeni went to Lee’s hotel room to find out if his younger sister was doing anything inappropriate or using drugs, which Lee denied.

According to court records, he subsequently accelerated and “abandoned the victim to perish gradually.” He assaulted Lee using a culinary blade, piercing him thrice, including a piercing blow to the vital organ, at an obscure and isolated location where Momeni navigated. Prosecutors assert that Momeni and Lee departed from a structure in unison on the evening of the knife attack, and entered Momeni’s BMW approximately at 2am, as evidenced by surveillance footage.

The defense attorney, Paula Canny, filed a motion on Monday arguing that the narrative presented by the San Francisco police is based on hard-to-see video evidence reported in the San Francisco Standard newspaper.

The Standard reported that Canny characterized Lee’s death as a blend of self-protection and unintentional incident, while addressing journalists outside the courtroom on Thursday. She also mentioned that Momeni is not a citizen of the United States and faces the possibility of deportation to his native country, Iran.

Canny and the attorney office of the San Francisco district did not promptly respond to a comment request.