Mario Van Peebles Has 5 Children From 2 Marriages – Meet Them All

Who are Mario Van Peebles’ Children

Lisa Bitello was his initial spouse, and Mandela and Makaylo Van Peebles are rumored to be his eldest children. Mario Van Peebles is a father of five. Previously, Mario had a romantic relationship with an American actress named Jaime Kailani, who is the biological parent of his son Marley Van Peebles. Jaime is mentioned as one of the females.

Chitra Sukhu is Mario’s spouse, and Maya and Morgana Van Peebles, the two daughters among his offspring, are the outcome of the film actor’s present union.

Mandela Van Peebles is Mario Van Peebles’ First Son

  • Birthdate: June 4th, 1994.
  • Age: 29.
  • Mother: Lisa Vitello.
  • Profession: Actor and music composer.
  • Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, was named after him. His birth took place in Los Angeles, California, where he is one of the children of Mario Van Peebles, the multi-racial superstar of the movie industry. He was given the full name Mali Van Peebles at birth. He was born on June 4th, 1994.

    Mario Van Peebles
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    Mandela has a mixed ethnic background, with his mother having English roots and his father being of German and Afro-American heritage. He was born in California, Los Angeles, making him an American national. Additionally, he goes by the nicknames Della, Roo, and Rocky as a young child.

    Lisa, the 29-year-old American model, gained public attention for her roles in The Highlander: Last Aspect and played two roles in the film, sharing the screen with Blue in Pack and Los Locos. Interestingly, the marriage of Lisa and Mario Van Peebles is seen as a product of their first marriage.

    From Mario’s other relationships, Marley, Morgana, and Maya Van Peebles are his half-siblings – Makaylo Van Peebles is Mandela’s only direct sibling.

    Mandela’s Academic Journey

    Having been raised in his hometown of Los Angeles, California, Mandela attended a nearby high school near his home.

    In 2018, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. When the time came for him to proceed with higher academic qualifications, Mario chose to pitch his tent at Loyola Marymount University – a non-profit, private establishment based in LA.

    What Does Mandela Van Peebles do for a Living?

    He is an actor, vocalist, and film producer today, and he followed in the footsteps of his movie superstar father, Mario Van Peebles, in the world of cinema.

    In 1999, Mandela made his first appearance as an actor on the Judgment Day set, portraying the character Marley Payne; he was only five years old at the time. When he was nine years old, he starred in the biopic ‘Baadasssss!’ In 2003, four years later.

    ‘Bring Your Best Performance as a Virtual Player, he patiently awaited his next acting opportunity for six years, which finally came in the form of a short documentary film. Mario made his first appearance on the big screen in the same year, starring in his father’s reality show, Mario’s Green House, alongside other family members.’

    In 2012, Mandela made two film appearances – portraying Hendrix in We the Party and portraying Dunbar, Lookout in American Warships. He gained acting recognition in 2016 – on the silver screen, he played the role of Theodore in USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage and portrayed Noah in the television miniseries Roots. Mitch was spotted in the 2017 film, Jigsaw and Oscar is set to appear in Flint 6.

    Mario Van Peebles’s son appeared in several television shows, including 2018 Karma where he portrayed Manny Everett, 2021 Wu-Tang: An American Saga where he played the character Shank, 2012 Mayor of Kingstown where he acted as Sam Prison Guard, and 2022 Reginald the Vampire where he took on the role of Maurice Miller.

    In 2018, he fulfilled the role of the executive producer for Armed, and as a vocalist, he is a part of the music ensemble MVP.

    Mandela is on Social Media

    The son of Mario Van Peebles joined the Twitter platform @mandelavpeebles.

    His Instagram handle, @mandelavanpeebles, has accumulated over 14,000 fans. He has tweeted 10.7K times and has gathered 5,807 followers so far, since August 2010.

    Mario Van Peebles’s Son is Single

    In April 2013, the duo started a steady relationship, but in October 2014, they decided to end it, according to reports. Posey McKenna Parker, an American model and actress, was once dating Van Mario, the son of Peebles. Despite not having a history of breakups and hookups, this does not mean that Mandela is ready to give up his bachelorhood and embrace matrimony.

    Makaylo Van Peebles is Mario Van Peebles’ Second Son

  • Mother: Lisa Vitello.
  • Profession: Actor and music composer.
  • Mario Van Peebles
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    The birth information of Van Peebles remains unknown, Makaylo. Consequently, it is impossible to determine who is older between him and Mandela. Makaylo, being the sole immediate sibling of Mandela, is one of the children born to American performer Mario Van Peebles and his first spouse, Lisa Vitello.

    Makaylo’s level of fame, including his academic achievements and his involvement in various institutions, cannot be compared to his brother Mandela’s level of fame. Makaylo enjoys many personal aspects of his life, which are not easily perceivable from the outside.

    What Does Makaylo Van Peebles do for a Living?

    Makaylo is currently listed as an artist, soundtrack composer, and actor. He is also a part of the entertainment industry, being a member of the Peebles Van family. The youngster is not removed far from his profession as it is a part of his family. Makaylo is striving to rank among the top guys in the movie world, showcasing his best. However, he has not yet achieved popularity like Mandela.

    In the movie short ‘A’ Game, he was seen as a virtual player. Peebles Van Makaylo, who later gained recognition for his breakout role in the film Hard Luck in 2009, appeared in Years later in 2006. His next onscreen role took a rather long time to come. Makaylo started his acting career way back in 1998 when he brought the character of Sam to life on the set of the video Day of Judgment, and so far he has accumulated five acting credits.

    Makaylo scored one of his best-known roles in the 2012 movie entitled “Party of the Obama,” where he was cast to depict a part of the former president.

    Makaylo appeared in two episodes of the 2017 television show Being Mary Jane, following a guest appearance in a single episode of the series Empire in 2015 as an A&R Representative #1. The American actor began actively participating in television shows in 2015.

    Mario Van Peebles’s son is reported to have mentored a lot of children in the Bronx, apart from his acting gigs in New York. He is slated to function as an editor in the upcoming Zoom.Mov and is also a contributor to the soundtrack of Hard Luck.

    Is He Dating?

    Many believe that dating is something he does not want, but he has proven to be another grey area in the American actor’s life. Just like his birth details, academic history, and other aspects of his life in the American actor’s realm, it turned out to be another interesting aspect.

    Maya Van Peebles is the Oldest of Mario Van Peebles’s Children

  • Birthdate: November 14th, 1992.
  • Age: 31.
  • Mother: Chitra Sukhu.
  • Occupation: Performer, filmmaker, and casting division.
  • Mario Van Peebles
    Maya image source

    Maya is a citizen of the United States who is of multi-racial ethnicity. She was also born in CA, just like her siblings. Maya is the daughter of the multi-talented actor Van Mario Peebles and Chitra Sukhu, born on November 14th, 1992.

    Maya served as a volunteer at an African orphanage while pursuing her studies. The educational institution she attended and the extent of her educational achievements have not been disclosed publicly, but her desire for further education led her to France. Maya initiated her academic journey in the United States.

    Renting an apartment, she is currently resident in California in the United States and has since left home, the blossoming movie star.

    What Does She Do For a Living?

    The movie producer also worked in the casting department of the entertainment industry, and the 31-year-old actress is also listed as a member of the Van Peebles family. Maya has also pursued a career in entertainment, following the same path as every other member of her family.

    In 2012, Michelle became a member of We The Party and Maya became one of the Virtual Players in Bring Your ‘A’ Game. In Baadasssss!, Maya was selected for the role of Trick or Treater in 2003, and a few years later, in 2001, she became part of the cast of Ali as Malcolm X’s Daughter where Mario Van Peebles’ daughter brought the character to life. Trish made her first appearance on the set of the 1998 video Judgment Day alongside her famous siblings, Maya.

    As a casting intern, she gained casting experience through Bring Your ‘A’ Game, and for Armed in 2021 (the film received the Director’s Choice Award), she had her first taste of movie production as a co-producer.

    Ali, Judgment Day, and Armed are Maya’s most famous productions.

    What is Maya’s Relationship Status?

    It is common knowledge that Maya has never been married or divorced, but she has had early relationships and hookups that she doesn’t talk about. However, Maya and Mario Van Peebles’ love is an exception, as it’s obvious that all their children were born from that relationship, despite trying to hide their relationship history from prying eyes.

    Morgana Van Peebles is Mario Van Peebles’s Last Daughter

    Mario Van Peebles
    Morgana and her dad image source
  • Birthdate: December 6th, 1997.
  • Age: 25.
  • Mother: Chitra Sukhu.
  • Occupation: Actor.
  • Chitra Sukhu is Morgana’s mother. Her background is identified as mixed race, but it is evident that she is a citizen of the United States. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 6th, 1997, which means she is currently 25 years old. Morgana Van Peebles is among the daughters of Mario Van Peebles.

    According to reports, she is fluent in both Spanish and French, but the public has never been provided with details about the academic background of the 25-year old.

    Did Morgana Follow in The Van Peebles Family Tradition?

    Mario, her biological father, portrayed the character of Malcolm X – one of the daughters of whom Morgana is depicted in the film. In 2001, while being present on the set of Ali, Morgana, at the young age of four, started exploring the world of performing arts, just like her father and siblings who are part of the film industry. Morgana Van Peebles is indeed following in their footsteps.

    By the time she turned 12 in 2009, the emerging film celebrity was already featured in her father’s reality TV show, ‘Mario’s Green House’.

    She appeared on the set of the Armed movie, alongside other family members, and later in 2018 joined the cast of Superstition. Fans saw Morgana sharing the screen with heavyweight entertainers like Snoop Dogg. In 2012, fans saw her in the movie We the Party.

    Who is She Dating?

    Morgana, another child of Mario, seems to be averse to bringing her siblings to the public space for dating, just like her older siblings. She prefers to do her things in private.

    Marley Van Peebles

  • Mother: Jaime Kailani.
  • Occupation: Actor.
  • Absent from the list is the information regarding his birth date and place, however, he was given the name Marley Van Peebles upon his arrival into the world. Consequently, there is very limited knowledge about him, and among all the offspring of Mario Van Peebles, Marley is arguably the least familiar.

    The 2000 Blowback and the collections of Love Kills in 1998, Dilemma in 1997, and the roles she portrayed were the most famous for the American actress and film producer named Jaime Kailani – a woman identified as one of Mario’s former girlfriends. Marley, whose mother is listed as Jaime Kailani, is distinct from all the other children of Mario who were born to his first spouse, Lisa, or his current spouse, Chitra.

    Marley is Also Into Entertainment

    Also included other individuals from the Van Peebles clan, in the majority of the projects he appeared in, and a grand sum of four acting accolades thus far, the young one has established himself as an actor. This is indeed true for Marley Van Peebles, and a progeny carrying the artistic genes of Mario Van Peebles is bound to follow the footsteps of the entertainment industry. It is an undeniable fact.

    In the 2016 film USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, his subsequent appearance on-screen is as Sailor #2. In 2012, the aspiring movie actor was subsequently featured in the movie We the Party, portraying the character of Mrs. Chavez Grandson 1. In 2009, he appeared in the short video Bring Your ‘A’ Game, playing the role of Virtual Player. Marley made his debut on the set of Baadasssss! In 2003, portraying Trick or Treater.

    Mario’ Relationship with His Children

    According to reports, Mario Van Peebles is extremely affectionate towards his children, and this is evident through the multiple public appearances he makes with them. The strong familial connection between the Van Peebles family has been frequently observed in public. Undoubtedly, this devoted father showers his offspring with abundant love and care.

    Mario, the multiracial actor, perfected embedding his personal life with his professional life by starting his television series “House Green” where he played different roles. Despite his busy schedule, he finds a way to balance his career with raising his children.

    The identical applies to his additional offspring. At one point, Mario and his offspring, Mandela Van Peebles, were observed in Toronto, Canada, relishing the city’s nocturnal activities.

    Mario Van Peebles and his present spouse, Chitra, oversaw the upbringing of the Van Peebles offspring, although it is unspecified to what degree their mother was involved in their lives.

    The Van Peebles children have all grown up and are now forging their own paths in life, while living in their home in Los Angeles.