North West and Blue Ivy Carter Have Never “Played Together,” Says Kanye West

Close friends of a similar nature were North West–offspring of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West (as if there was any possibility you were unaware of that)–and Blue Ivy Carter–offspring of two other well-known individuals you may have come across, maybe. Engaging in hushed conversations and laughter, they swiftly scurry off into a corridor together, whether it be during a Tidal luncheon or a chance encounter backstage at an awards ceremony. They exchange text messages regarding Harper Beckham’s most recent Snapchat story or save screenshots of Prince George’s Facebook updates to discuss later when they are not in each other’s presence.

“Sadly, on Wednesday night during Kanye West’s concert in Seattle, Jay revealed in a longer discussion that they have never even played together and don’t have kids.”

West informed the crowd that the “streaming wars” – the rivalry between Tidal (with which West and Jay are associated) and Apple Music (Drake’s team) – has resulted in various conflicts within the group, and is the main reason why a collaborative album between West and Drake, a topic that has been speculated and talked about for a while, has not been released yet.

West stated, “You all did not receive what you were supposed to receive with me and Drake due to some Tidal/Apple [Music] nonsense. This situation has angered me, my friend! Every time I perform ‘N—– in Paris,’ I contemplate this matter. I reflect on the politics and the nonsense. I reflect on how passionately I strive for music, for art, for all of you, the fans. How passionately we strive.”

“Bro, I can’t take this. West said that we have never even played together with our kids. West said that some songs went into the political Apple/Tidal. And Jay and West, who have been arguing for a long time, are still with us? Is this when Minaj Nicki, Drake’s boyfriend and rival, got upset with Meek Mill? Jay didn’t want to upset Z because Jay initially featured verses on Drake’s “Pop Style” that Z didn’t want. This issue led to an issue with Drake, as Jay told the crowd.”

Jay should have personally visited him, like close brothers, instead of sending an email. However, it was also disclosed that Jay contacted him by phone following Kim Kardashian West’s robbery incident in Paris.

In the coming months, undoubtedly, we can expect numerous additional disclosures as West recently included an additional 21 destinations to his Saint Pablo tour.

12 Times North West Twinned with Kim and Kanye

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    North and Kim both have a particular look that can be described as mysterious and corresponding with accessorizing. As a mother, Kim Kardashian is always prepared to be dressed up and ready for the paparazzi, just like Mariah Carey.