Meet Every Single Dog In The World With Short Spine Syndrome (That We Know Of)

Inbreeding is the cause of this condition that affects dogs all over the world. Not only is the location limited, but the condition itself is as well. These dogs are smaller than the typical dog of their breed, with shorter or bobbed tails and longer front legs than normal tails. They also have elongated jaws, wider necks, short and wide backs, and sloped rear legs, all of which are shared traits among all dogs of this breed. This syndrome is not limited to any specific breed type. They are born with this condition. Short spine syndrome is a rare genetic condition that literally shortens a dog’s spine.

We should arrange a meeting with them! Therefore, expressing sympathy towards them should not be considered. They are affectionate and enjoyable. The eldest among them was almost 14 years old at the time of his demise. They lead active and joyful lifestyles. Dogs with short spine syndrome do not experience any discomfort.

1. Cuda.

Facebook cares about Cuda and follows her. It is believed that her short spine syndrome is caused by diabetes, but this is not confirmed. Cuda is also one of the many certified therapy dogs owned by the person who has her. Since 2010, Cuda has been a part of my life. She is actually a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

2. Quasi.

Quasi is a mixed breed dog who lives in Italy. She is nine years old. This picture of her circulated on the internet with a story about her growing up inside a small box. However, she looks this way because she has a condition called short spine syndrome. After her rescue, she was named Rosa and adopted by her owner Fabiana in 2010. Follow her journey at Quasi Progetto.

3. Mojo.

Mojo, a male Border Collie-type dog, appears to be the first short-spine syndrome dog discovered. She adopted him from a local shelter in 2012. Mojo belongs to Maria Rall and lives in Ohio.


Author: Maria Rall.

4. Pig.

Pig the Extraordinary Canine, you can become part of her extensive group of admirers. She is a crossbred dog residing in Alabama. Kim Dillenbeck came across her two years ago when Pig was merely a young pup, serving as her caretaker.

5. Cleo.

Brandon happily brought Cleo, the person who adopted Molly’s sister Faith, home at the same time that Molly sadly passed away. In reality, Brandon had adopted Cleo. She now lives in Wisconsin with Brandon McDonald. Cleo is a three-year-old mixed breed dog.


Reference: Brandon McDonald.

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You can follow her on Facebook, Modo Quasi. She believes she is really ugly, even though she won the title of World’s Ugliest Dog in 2015. Modo Quasi is a unique dog with a short spine syndrome. She lives in Florida with her husband, a veterinarian named Sayre Virginia, and Modo Quasi is a mixed breed dog.

7. Strange Canine.

Unique Canine. Take a look at Unique Canine. He resides in Italy alongside his mother, Patrizia Onnis, and also maintains a dedicated page for you to stay updated. Gobblin, when he was merely five months old, was discovered in a container with his sibling who also has a truncated backbone. Presently, he is two years old.

8. Gobblin.

He was found after this picture was just taken. Sonia Porcedda is also a volunteer for Quasi Progetto and lives in Italy with his mom. Gobblin, Odd’s brother, is just adorable.

9. Frankie.

Frankie, the Jack Russell Terrier who lives with her foster mom Ann O’Brien in the United States, is known for her antics on Facebook. If you follow her, you can’t help but blame her for the failed foster.


10. Izzy Belle.

Angela Lonergan, Izzy Belle’s mom, said that her sister is perfectly normal and follows her on Facebook. Izzy Belle is a three-year-old Poodle and she is the smallest of the dogs with a short spine.


11. Mina.

Incredibly, Vlad found another dog with a short spine whom he named Arturo after a year. Arturo is the dog he found in Mexico, where Mina lives.


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12. Vlad.

Gof Arturo has the distinction of having two short-spined dogs, both of which were found as strays in the same year, making them related if their origin is unknown.


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13. Quasi.

You can join the great community of fans. He is currently in foster care in Michigan. Quasi has become quite famous and the internet went crazy for him. Quasi is a German Shepherd who was rescued from Secondhand Hounds shelter.


14. Spartacus.

Spartacus has the longest tail of all dogs, with a short spine. He once again helped Beth and Mary smile. Spartacus became a part of her family. After Beth and Mary lost their beloved dog Watson with a short spine, Spartacus ended up in a shelter after being removed from a hoarding house in North Carolina.


Citation: Christina Davidson.

15. Polliwog.

However, she is content and in good condition. Borzois already possess a slanted structure, so it appears magnified in Polly’s situation. Polly, a six-year-old Russian Borzoi, is the property of veterinarian Karen Dashfield and is in good health.


Reference: Karen Dashfield.

16. Squishy.

Squishy, a one-year-old Plott Hound belonging to Kimberly Munsell in Utah, has really long legs that enhance his adorable appearance. The latest characteristic of Squishy is his short and sturdy spine.


Source: Kimberly Munsell.


These dogs are close to the hearts of the humans who love them. Before her time in 2012, a beloved puppy with a short spine passed away. They continue to watch over their families and their spirits remain with us on Earth. These two dogs are close to the hearts of the humans who love them. The family recently suffered two heartbreaking losses, including their beloved dog with a short spine.

17. Watson.

Watson Wise, the oldest dog with a short spine, passed away suddenly this past December, just shy of his fourteenth birthday. His life proved that short spine syndrome is not a sentence of death. Watson was a Border Collie-type dog who belonged to Mary Beth Goosman and lived in Maryland. She first met him while volunteering at a shelter in 2010 and then adopted him.


18. Cricket.

Cricket, the Border Collie-type dog, is dearly missed by everyone. Anna Canese, who owned Cricket, resided in Italy. Unfortunately, she unexpectedly passed away at the young age of nine due to illness.


Taken from Anna Canese.

19. Molly Faith.

Cleo, a canine with a compact vertebral column known as #5, is currently possessed by Brandon McDonald, who went through the heartbreak of losing Molly Faith in 2012 when she was only a juvenile pup.


Reference: Brandon McDonald.

Many people have been captivated by dogs, who are they. It doesn’t matter that they all look different. These dogs were also known as “Baboon Dogs” and were commonly seen in abundance in South Africa. The syndrome of short spine was first identified as far back as the 1700s. There are many more of these special dogs found in the world.