Mexican prosecutor: Shanquella Robinson murder investigation continues, potential accomplices being determined

The Mexican prosecutor investigating the murder of American tourist Shanquella Robinson has asked the U.S. To help determine if there were any accomplices in the crime, while the main suspect has not yet been extradited.

During a rare public comment made at a press conference, Rosa Anaya, the General Attorney of Baja California Sur, reported that everyone involved in the mysterious case is working with U.S. Authorities from his office and emphasized that there is no impunity. WSOC-TV had interviewed him in order to provide this information.

Anaya stated, “Moreover, in the event of any accomplices, it is crucial to acquire the court order pertaining to whoever is accountable for this.”

In late November, the office of Anaya announced that an arrest warrant has been issued for an unnamed U.S. Citizen who was traveling with Robinson, a resident of North Carolina, when she died in October.


Anaya stated during that period, “This matter has been completely clarified, we possess a court directive. There exists a warrant for the apprehension in relation to the crime of femicide against the victim, and it is targeted towards an accused individual, a close acquaintance of hers, who is the primary assailant.”

Anaya stated, “We are currently executing all the relevant procedures for the extradition request to the United States of America, including notifying Interpol.”

The identity of the woman under suspicion has not been disclosed.

Mexican officials are encouraging the United States to revise travel advisories that advise citizens against visiting because of the prevalence of crime and abductions.

Anaya stated that the Mexican authorities will be notified in case the perpetrator enters the nation.

The investigation into the whereabouts is currently ongoing. The authorities are actively looking into the whereabouts and conducting a thorough investigation. They are determined to find out the truth and are leaving no stone unturned in their search. The investigation into the whereabouts is a top priority for the authorities, and they are committed to resolving the matter. The ongoing investigation into the whereabouts is being conducted diligently and with great attention to detail. The authorities are determined to uncover the truth and bring closure to the case.

Yolanda Trotman, a former judge and criminal defense attorney from North Carolina, explained to WSOC-TV that it is important for individuals to recognize that this will not be a swift procedure. The process of extradition requires a considerable amount of time. It is crucial for people who desire prompt justice to exercise patience, as justice may not align with our accustomed expectations.


Authorities have launched an investigation into the femicide of Robinson, who reportedly died from alcohol poisoning while visiting the town resort of Cabo del José San in late October. Her family and friends, a group of six, have informed the medical examiner that she had been with them.

Robinson’s mother, as reported by WSOC-TV, identified the individuals in the video as her daughter’s acquaintances. A video that spread on social media after Robinson’s passing depicted a woman assaulting Robinson.

In recent months, the family of Robinson has been advocating for justice and seeking answers.

Bernard Robinson, the father of Shanquella, expressed, “All I desire is justice.” “I simply want the Mexican authorities, the embassy, to rectify the situation and act in accordance with what is right. They should acknowledge the actions that occurred on your land and take responsibility for their actions abroad.”

Fox News Digital contacted the State Department and the Charlotte office of the FBI but did not receive an immediate response.