Trabajar en Estados Unidos

This page provides a summary of the classifications of non-immigrant and immigrant visas for foreigners who are eligible for authorization work in other categories and not based on employment. Many people who wish to come to the United States to work. Each classification provides a link to more detailed information about their requirements.

The website for temporary workers (Non-immigrants) provides information about the primary categories of non-immigrant temporary workers. A popular method for working temporarily in the United States as a non-immigrant is for a prospective employer to file an application on their behalf to USCIS.

The web page called “Categorías” also describes the five preference categories for immigrant employment-based visas. If someone is looking for a way to permanently live and work in the United States based on an employment-based immigrant visa, it is possible if they have the correct combination of work experience and/or education skills.

To gather additional details, you may explore the DOS Travel without Visa webpage. Unless your nationality exempts you from needing a visa, if you reside outside the United States and aspire to work here, it is typically necessary to submit a visa application to the United States Department of State (DOS).

To take part in the suggested activity and gain entry into the United States, it is necessary to appear before a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer and receive authorization to enter the country before being able to apply for a visa from the Department of State (DOS) or seek admission at a designated entry point. In numerous instances, your petition must be endorsed by USCIS.

Si se encuentra en Estados Unidos en un estatus legal de no inmigrante que no proporciona autorización de empleo, generalmente puede solicitar:.

  • A modification in status to a nonimmigrant category that confers employment authorization, or.
  • Adjustment of legal permanent resident status can be done through a concurrent filing along with an immigrant visa application or, in certain situations, an applicant may need to acquire an approved immigrant visa prior to applying for the adjustment of legal permanent resident status.
  • You may be eligible for self-petitioning, which means filing an application on your own behalf. However, if you submit an application based on certain classifications (for example, a foreigner with extraordinary ability or as a non-immigrant principal trader or investor under E-1 or E-2 treaty), it may require a U.S. Employer or another qualified petitioner to file an application or petition on your behalf to establish your eligibility before we approve your application. Depending on the classification you are seeking, your application for change or adjustment of status.

    If a foreigner has a legal status or is even a permanent resident applicant and is located in the United States, they can also apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and submit Form I-765, the Employment Authorization Application, to request such authorization without working restrictions in the United States.

    If this country violates any of the conditions, the United States could deny or remove its re-entry, and the Department of Homeland Security must grant its immigration status depending on the type, which determines how long it can work in the United States and the conditions it must meet for its employment authorization.