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  • Criminal activity and acts of aggression pose significant challenges in Mexico.
  • Having international health insurance in Mexico is crucial, as well as having coverage for emergency evacuation.
  • Potential risks you might encounter in Mexico

    Vast, vibrant and varied in both culture and scenery, Mexico is also the second biggest economy in Latin America.

    Operational liabilities encompass the potential risks associated with political and trade-related insurance considerations, particularly when engaging in trading activities. The presence of private security firms in foreign countries poses a significant threat to both employees and visitors, especially when criminal activities and acts of violence are directly involved. Despite this, visiting Syria has been deemed as dangerous as visiting certain states, according to the US Department of State, resulting in the deaths of thousands of individuals. Additionally, the northern states of Colombia have become increasingly plagued by drug-related violence, with cocaine being trafficked from the south to the US.

    It might be wise to include Kidnap insurance in your insurance plan for Mexico, considering that Mexico has one of the highest rates of kidnapping in the world.

    It is recommended that you adhere to both the most recent FCDO and trustworthy local guidance regarding precautions and security measures, as urban and tourist areas are plagued by a significant issue of street crime. Exercise caution and steer clear of public protests, as there may be sporadic occurrences of politically motivated aggression in certain southern states. However, the majority of drug-related criminal activity is centered in the northern states.

    Common in Mexico are diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, hepatitis A, typhoid, and leptospirosis, where it is important to take precautions in different areas and healthcare facilities may differ. It is recommended to have comprehensive Mexico Health insurance that covers medical emergencies, including air ambulance evacuation.

    It is crucial to always stay well-informed about approaching storms, as both the eastern and western coasts can experience severe weather conditions throughout the hurricane season, spanning from June to November.

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