US Layoffs Increasing: What if Kemper is Affected?

Given the ongoing trend of employers terminating a significant number of employees, it is crucial for Kemper employees to remain vigilant. Specifically, within the last couple of years, approximately 28% of the American population have experienced job terminations, while the United States witnessed a staggering 15.4 million instances of layoffs in 2022.

Approximately 48 percent of Americans experience anxiety about being replaced by artificial intelligence, with 37 percent concerned about being replaced by automation by 2030. In addition, automation has the potential to eliminate 73 million jobs in the United States by 2030, which would represent a staggering 46 percent of the current workforce. Furthermore, with 20 million manufacturing jobs predicted to be lost to automation by 2030, the anxiety about job loss is becoming increasingly prevalent among employees, including those who work for Kemper account.

According to Dr. Gregg Jantz, the founder of the counseling and treatment center A Place of Hope and the best-selling author of The Anxiety Reset Continued, individuals experience a sense of unease. Dr. Jantz asserts that people perceive it as a breach of confidence, especially when the termination of employment occurs suddenly. In an article published in Forbes, he asserts that job loss ranks among the most anxiety-inducing occurrences in life, second only to death.

It is crucial for your health to refrain from impulsively acting and recognize these emotions in similar circumstances where others have endured. In times like these, it is important to remember that 40% of Americans have been fired or laid off at least once, and finding solace in the fact that this may not solve your problem. In the midst of a mental health crisis in our country, Jantz Dr. Asserts that when a person loses their job, it is often followed by depression and anxiety, leading to a diagnosis of a mental health crisis in the United States. In addition to the rising number of layoffs, it is important to remember that seeking revenge and retaliation against those you believe have wronged you may not bring value to your efforts, especially when you believe that your employer did not value or respect you. According to Jantz Dr., Rage is a typical reaction to betrayal. As the news of layoffs in the tech industry appear more frequently in headlines, it can become difficult for Kemper to control their emotions.

Graph displaying Employee Worries regarding Layoffs.


Information from https://www.Comparably.Com/.

Things to Avoid When Facing a Layoff.

  • It is advisable to regularly save documents of professional or personal interest from your computer work. Employers will terminate employees and escort them off the premises if they restrict access to important information that you must ensure is not left behind.
  • Before discussing termination, it is important to consider whether negotiating for a more comprehensive package is worth it and to take into account the terms offered. Assuming that you are unable to delay making a decision on accepting a severance package, it is advisable to be prepared to negotiate for a reasonable package if possible. In the meantime, it would be beneficial to investigate the company’s practices and policies. I request a meeting within the next two days to have this discussion. While communicating with management, it is important to be aware that experiencing these emotions could be detrimental to your objectives. You may experience stress and anger when being laid off. Do not discuss termination before taking the time to process it.
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  • Providing a positive recommendation may lead to a sincere endeavor to support your employer, at the minimum. Showing kindness will be advantageous for you in the future, even in challenging circumstances. You might receive positive referrals and endorsements and will be recognized as an exceptional employee by facilitating a smooth change. Avoid declining assistance with the transition.
  • Some job interviews may not require you to discuss challenging situations in which you were fired. While you can save face in certain circumstances, you may forfeit unemployment benefits if you choose to resign. There are both pros and cons to resigning instead of being terminated. Resignation can be an alternative to termination in some cases.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for a reference if you have colleagues who are willing to support you. While you are in frequent communication with them, it is advisable to seek their recommendation. You can gain advantages from their endorsement when looking for your subsequent job opportunity.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to ask why if your employer has not adhered to the company’s policy regarding due process. You may be able to request additional time to correct your shortcomings by petitioning the human resources department. In addition, you may also be protected by contract employment, contract union, or anti-discrimination statutes.
  • If your employer learns that you are open to considering positions that better fit your skills, they may present you with other roles within the organization. Additionally, there may be additional opportunities available to you within the company if your superiors perceive you as an employee with a strong work ethic and positive attitude. Therefore, it is advisable not to quit without investigating other positions within the company.
  • Before announcing the job you’ve lost to other professional contacts and colleagues, consider how you’d like to be perceived and take the time to consider your message. Don’t immediately announce your firing.
  • Things to Take into Account.

    In a job interview setting, expressing anger and feelings of betrayal may seem to be at fault, which is extremely counterproductive. If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by anger and send unpleasant emails, it will hinder your future job search, making you a victim. Allowing yourself 24 hours will provide you with time to reduce the intensity of your emotions. For Kemper employees, there is much more at stake, even if they are mistaken. It is crucial not to vent on social media about your former employer immediately after being fired. Giving excessive importance to these thoughts may prevent you from moving forward towards a better future and lead you to do something you might regret later. While you have the right to experience these emotions, you must be aware and cautious not to let them control you. Those who have lost their jobs often experience feelings of uncontrollable fear, negative self-perception, and self-depreciation. Transitions can be difficult, with negative emotions intensifying and reducing productivity. If a hypothetical Kemper employee were to be laid off, it can be a challenging situation to confront.

    Dr. Jantz provided counsel. ‘Take into consideration the impact of your actions on those around you, like consistently venting, being easily annoyed, and displacing your anger onto others. You are directing this towards your loved ones, despite their lack of involvement in this situation. This is not a healthy way to communicate your emotions.’ Kemper staff members could also gain advantages by thoughtfully selecting their language and sharing it only with individuals they trust.

    Strategies for Adapting to Changes for Employees at Kemper.

    It is essential for Kemper employees to practice good self-care and be resilient when confronted with overwhelming emotions. One must also evaluate and reconsider what needs to be done to improve and strengthen their health. In addition, one cannot punish oneself for realizing that negative intense emotions have occurred and must avoid self-destructive behavior. Writing down your emotions and finding additional ways to manage them can be beneficial. Exercising, working out, walking, maintaining a routine for physical activity and sleep, and positively contributing to your nutrition can all help with anger management.

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