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    Our priority as an independent insurance agency is to help you find the right insurance coverage at the right price, ensuring that we understand your needs and provide the protection you value the most.

    We ensure to assist you in every stage of the procedure. You will never perceive as if you are unaware about your insurance, and with Meyer Insurance, you will comprehend the extent of coverage provided by your policy. We have the capability to furnish you with an estimate from various diverse carriers in order to discover a rate that is suitable for your financial plan and requirements as we collaborate with a few of the country’s highest-rated insurance firms as an autonomous agency.

    Meyer Insurance in Watertown, SD and Roerig Insurance in Webster, SD are two convenient office locations that you can visit. We’re available to assist you. At Meyer Insurance, affordable insurance with the necessary protection is a genuine possibility, not a contradiction.

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    What Makes Meyer Insurance Special

    Here’s what sets us apart when it comes to serving your insurance needs.

    Community Focused

    We contribute to our community and engage with the non-profit organizations we endorse.

    Clients Come First

    We make an additional effort to surpass your expectations, regardless of your requirements.

    Experienced Agents

    With a wealth of experience, we comprehend the requirements to provide you with excellent coverage.

    “We have been with Meyer Insurance for around 10 years now. They have always done a great job taking care of my insurance needs. What puts them over the top is the friendliness of their staff.”

    – Jordan Wollschlager

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    I couldn’t be more pleased with the efforts of the group at Meyer insurance! They found a more well-known company, and they also got my premium down lower!

    Jerry Lesnar

    Very professional, friendly, easy to talk to, and helpful! The offices are nice!

    Sam Solem

    They are professional and proactive. Saved us some money and they are great to work with.

    Joe Beving

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    Get a glimpse of the risks you face and how your insurance can protect what matters most.

    All-Terrain Vehicles / Utility Vehicles.

    Risk Factor………..

    Liability can enhance when farm utility vehicles or ATVs are utilized. This is primarily due to the fact that these vehicles are known to be linked with high-risk actions, such as operating the vehicle without protective gear.


    If you frequently ride a utility vehicle or ATV, it is crucial to be aware of the known behaviors that can increase the risk of injury on roads intended for automobiles. Moreover, always make sure to wear a proper protective helmet and exercise good judgment when using such equipment.

    Exposure to Liability for Products.

    Risk Factor………..

    For example, illness caused by beef produced from cows kept or raised on a farm is consumed.


    To mitigate this hazard, include an additional clause that amends your insurance policy to safeguard you against these possible errors.

    Coverage for ingestion of foreign objects.

    Risk Factor………..

    There is a significant chance of equipment failure due to mechanical breakdown on a farm. For instance, a farmer’s combine or chopper may experience equipment failure as a result of a rock being consumed.


    The repairs on your combine or chopper will be included in your policy, so consider adding coverage for Foreign Object Ingestion. Many farm policies do not automatically include this coverage, so make sure to inquire with your agent about its availability.

    Insurance for the High Season.

    Risk Factor………..

    On the farm, while coverage is needed to maintain the expensive grain throughout the year, there is no grain present. Usually, within a few months, this grain is sold and the farmer often stores it in grain bins during the harvest.


    During the peak season, ensure that your grain is covered. This choice customizes your insurance coverage to offer higher levels of protection during the months when your farm has grain. This form of coverage is applicable to any harvested crop, not limited to just grains.


    Risk Factor………..

    Pollution. is an increasing risk that can occur due to the improper storage or application of pesticides and fertilizers, runoff, and above ground or underground storage tanks.


    Obtaining environmental insurance can provide protection for both property damage and bodily injury caused by a farm pollution incident. It is not impossible, but it is difficult to control pollution risks on your farm.


    Risk Factor………..

    What occurs when your farm encounters a substantial liability loss that surpasses the fundamental threshold of your regular policy?


    An endorsement is available to add to your separate farm policy, providing coverage as commercial umbrella insurance. In addition to the peace of mind, it offers priceless financial value by increasing the liability limits of your current farm policies and providing additional protection.

    Care, Guardianship, and Management.

    Risk Factor………..

    If you are responsible for caring for livestock owned by others and an unfortunate event occurs causing the death of all or some of this livestock on your farm, you may be held accountable.


    To safeguard your farm and yourself from this type of risk, it is advisable to add endorsement to your insurance policy, which grants you control and custody as well as care.

    Custom Agriculture / Commercial Operation.

    Risk Factor………..

    Does your farm provide services for others? If so, you may be held responsible for the business activities related to these services.


    Include a recommendation for personalized agricultural services in your insurance coverage to safeguard yourself against any form of occurrence associated with these commercial operations.

    Field Crops.

    Risk Factor………..

    Are you prepared for what might happen if your crops are devastated by an uncontrollable incident? There are numerous uncontrollable factors that can impact the growth of field crops, including weather.


    You can safeguard your livelihood and investment from this kind of inevitable risk by adding multi-peril crop insurance.


    Risk Factor………..

    The farm out of business, potentially putting structures these to loss a be can structures farm or barn a have you if.


    Make sure you have sufficient property insurance to safeguard your farm from potential devastating damage.

    Glass Coverage.

    Risk Factor………..

    If the cab glass of your tractor, combine, harvester, or any other farming machinery shatters, it can render your equipment unusable for a significant period and result in a costly repair.


    Make sure you have insurance to assist with the cost of fixing or servicing cracked glass.

    Farm Agribusiness Insurance 101

    Ensure that you address the distinct hazards you encounter with agricultural insurance.

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