NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Opens Up About Her Family’s “Brutal” COVID-19 Experience

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  • Stephanie Ruhle, 44, shared her family’s recent encounter with COVID-19 in a new article for NBC News.
  • The NBC News correspondent said her husband Andy Hubbard tested positive for the virus before Thanksgiving, followed by her and her kids.
  • Ruhle is urging everyone to take the virus seriously as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase in the United States.
  • Stephanie Ruhle, the correspondent for NBC News, has returned to work at the end of November after battling COVID-19. On Monday, she revealed on air that she and her husband, Andy Hubbard, along with their three children, tested positive for the virus around Thanksgiving.

    In a video for MSNBC, she expressed, “I realized that not doing the right thing is not enough. Although I contracted COVID, I maintained my distance and wore a mask. I did everything right because I wanted you to know.” From day one, we were unknowingly potential super-spreaders, keeping ourselves away from schools, kids, neighbors, and colleagues. If we had not tested our family, we could have potentially exposed them.

    Prior to Thanksgiving, Ruhle mentioned that her spouse received a positive test result following the occurrence of a slight throat discomfort and headache. While Hubbard isolated in their New York City apartment, Ruhle opted to stay in a guest room away from their children in their New Jersey residence.

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    By the end of the week, I had tested positive for the flu. The symptoms were mostly like a terrible flu, but they changed day by day. She wrote in an essay for NBC News that the worst symptoms were anxiety and fear about what might have infected her and about the kids she might have infected.

    Ruhle admitted that she is “privileged” for being able to receive support from NBC and doctors, despite facing obstacles in the healthcare system during her experience with COVID-19.

    She stated, “The immediate medical facility never provided me with my examination outcomes.” “Or it was misplaced, never handled was my husband’s initial PCR examination. We’re still uncertain. When he returned home to New York, he paid $250 for another examination, a privilege accessible solely to those who have the means to pay for it.”

    Ruhle emphasized the ongoing importance of taking the pandemic seriously, noting that many Americans now have to work without financial support because they can’t afford to stay home. She calls for us to recognize that we don’t have a “system” where everyone can just stay home, but rather one where many people have to work despite the pandemic.

    Ruhle stated, “Now is not the time to become complacent and overlook this virus.” Whether you’re old, young, white, Black, poor, or rich, COVID doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if it’s your birthday, Christmas, or Thanksgiving.

    Having an idea of what you would do after positive testing is important. “I definitely think everybody should have a game plan,” Ruhle said. This is a crucial time because you probably need to drop off food to your neighbors, so you want to make sure you know all your neighbors. You can’t run to the store, so be prepared.

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