NFL medical team calls for all hands on deck after Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field

On the field, Damar Hamlin collapsed as the Buffalo Bills medical team called for all hands on deck to save his life.

During a game at Paycor Stadium on Monday, a Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver collided with the defensive back, causing the player to experience cardiac arrest.

A large medical team rushed to save the life of a 24-year-old after his collapse, as revealed by the audio traffic radio, when they were asked to help out with medical assistance for every personnel.

Following Hamlin’s fall at Paycor Stadium, witnessed by numerous fans in person and millions more from their homes, an anonymous individual expressed their disapproval in the recorded statement, stating, ‘I am displeased with the manner in which he stumbled.’

Moments later, another individual proclaimed the scenario as an ‘all-call, all-call,’ signifying: ‘We will require the assistance of everyone.’

As reported by The New York Times, the individual stated in the audio recordings, “Fetch the stretcher with the medical professionals. We require a specialist in airway management, everyone. Inform and summon all personnel.”

CNN informed Dorrian Glenn, Hamlin’s uncle, that they administered sedation to enhance his chances of further recovery, following the disclosure that Hamlin had to be revived on two occasions.

Hamlin has since regained consciousness and is ‘alive and well.’

His uncle remarked, “It appears that he is progressing positively and gaining popularity.”

According to reports, he allegedly inquired about the winner of the game on a sheet of paper, given that the football celebrity is currently unable to communicate verbally due to the presence of a breathing tube.

Further treatment the hospital to rushed was he before Hamlin with had team medical the moments desperate the showed recordings audio other.

Following the doctor’s instructions, a medical staff urgently requested another staff member to bring a carbon dioxide monitor to Hamlin’s location on Monday at approximately 9:30pm.

‘I need an end-tidal CO2 now!’ He can be heard on the recording. The test measures how well a person is breathing.

Another individual stated that the surveillance was en route, but another gentleman does not appear to be pleased with his tranquil composure.

‘Dave, elevate your performance!’ He informed the gentleman.

Another concurred, stating: ‘Yes, you must elevate your game.’

Hamlin’s parents, as indicated by additional records, were conveyed to D-Gate for transportation to the hospital. Initially, it was believed that his parents would accompany their son in the ambulance to the hospital, but later reports stated that they travelled in their own vehicle.

After it exited the field, the ambulance did not leave until 9.23pm – over 10 minutes later. The stadium was expected to vacate.

On an uneven roadway, personnel may have desired to stabilize him before departing, but medical professionals suspect the player could have encountered additional complications. The NFL did not provide any comment regarding the reason for the ambulance’s delay.

According to Dr. Glatter, the emergency medicine physician, he mentioned to The New York Times that “once the pulse returns, it is advisable to transport the patient as soon as possible.” He further explained that in certain cases, if a patient’s condition worsens, one of the paramedics may hold the driver until the patient becomes more stable, resulting in a delay in transportation.

Dr. William Knight from the University of Cincinnati and Dr. Pritts both stated that the quick response of medics was crucial in saving the life of the Pittsburgh native involved in the collapse in Hamlin.

Doctors were by Hamlin’s side within a minute of his collapse and immediately recognized that he did not have a heartbeat.

Pritts stated, “It is uncommon to experience something extremely grave that rapidly, but there are injuries that occur in sports.” Pritts mentioned, “The team’s medical expenses are too high to be covered by credit.”

Knight stated that it has been a lengthy and challenging journey over the past three days. He also mentioned that Hamlin has shown a rather impressive progress.

Despite his progress, it remains uncertain when Hamlin will have his respiratory tube taken out.

Knight stated, ‘Each individual is unique.’ ‘We will determine the duration,’ families inquire about the length of time patients will remain on a ventilator in the ICU.

Pritts stated that the ‘ideal outcome’ would be for Hamlin to revert back to ‘being the person he was before all of this happened.’