Noah Thompson’s Girlfriend Posts 21 New Photos Amid Breakup Rumors

The new social media posts by Dixon, along with the comments from her friends and fans, are intensifying the fire. However, despite the rumors circulating for weeks, Noah Thompson has remained silent about the potential breakup and has dismissed the gossip regarding his alleged relationship with “Idol” runner-up HunterGirl.

During some of his live performances on stage, they sat when, there are recorded vignettes about the journey of a 20-year-old construction worker from Kentucky named Thompson, who is a rising star in country music. Thompson has appeared multiple times on “Idol” with Walker baby and Dixon.

In a published interview with Magazine Mayhem Music on July 5th, Thompson talked about the joy of reuniting with his son and girlfriend at home after his big win, and the struggle of adjusting to the new reality since frequently being away for concerts, meetings, and recording sessions.

He expressed, “Everything is progressing in a favorable manner and that’s the only thing of significance. It’s an improvement and we are both aware of that. However, it’s distinct, but it cannot be changed, you understand? Angel and I, we both struggled with it initially, but we are adapting to it. It’s simply a completely distinct way of life for all of us.”

Meanwhile, on her social media profile, Dixon still has pictures of her and Walker performing together as well as snapshots from his visit to his hometown. However, he opted to delete pictures of her from his Instagram feed. Shortly thereafter, fans observed that Thompson and Dixon had chosen to stop following each other on various social media platforms.

Friends & Fans React to Dixon’s Facebook Photo Dump

Each picture depicts the alert and curious young child with either a pacifier or a bottle. Additionally, there are a few snapshots of him during his bath and while seated in his car, although the majority were captured in a softly illuminated living area. Amongst her recently captured memories, ten of them consist of self-portraits featuring Walker, who is now 15 months old. Dixon, in an album named 2022, uploaded a total of 21 photographs and eight videos to her Facebook profile on July 22, all of which can be seen by the public.

Several rumors have alluded to the ongoing breakup of Walker and Dixon, with most people commenting on how cute Walker is and how “pretty” Dixon looked. None of Thompson’s videos or photos included any captions about them. The majority of the videos show Walker snuggling with the laughing and squealing toddler on the same floor of the living room. Additionally, there are multiple selfies of Dixon hanging out with her girlfriends and some alone.

“I am not currently idolizing him, and you do not have my respect. The Lord knows best, but I am sincerely sorry. I have been praying for good things, Angel,” person one wrote.

Another person expressed, “there will be a time when he will feel remorse.”

Someone also shared a GIF with flickering hearts that said, “Sending embraces and affection.”

Recently, there have been rumors circulating that Dixon broke up with someone. Adding fuel to these rumors are the photos taken on another set, which were posted on Instagram. On July 8th, she shared two professional photos of herself, with wildflowers tucked into the waistband of her jeans. Alongside these photos, she wrote a caption about growing flowers from dark moments. Additionally, she also posted photos from another set on Instagram.

Thompson Stays Busy, Remains Mum About Rumors

Instagram and Facebook — where he posted the content — “Adore this tiny guy more than anything. #Youngster #mischievous #dadandson” and, during that period, Dixon posted the content on her personal Facebook page with two red hearts, Thompson also shared his personal assortment of images with his young son on July 2.

Since its release on July 29, as a country rendition of Rihanna’s popular song “Stay,” he has shared two teasers of his forthcoming single. One preview showcases a segment from the actual recording, while the other features him singing a brief section from the comfort of his truck.

Richie Lionel and Bryan Luke’s choice inspired Katy Perry, the judges on “American Idol,” explained during Hollywood Week that Thompson performed the first song.

Nevertheless, he refrained from discussing this correlation in either of his posts concerning the latest recording. He conveyed to them, “yet it evokes memories of my hometown as it is a melody Angel, my girlfriend, and I would harmonize to.” “It deviates from my usual melodic repertoire,” he stated.

Bolling Allen, a radio personality from local station Q95, spent approximately 45 minutes discussing Prestonburg, Ky. On his Facebook post. He talked about his hometown, Louisa, for around 45 minutes.

At the time of publishing, Thompson or Dixon have not made any public statements about their relationship status.