Shots Fired at Disney World Attraction

Guests riding on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland

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Disney itself has been culpable of daring conduct. However, despite the company’s efforts to safeguard the numerous visitors who frequent the parks every day, increased surveillance, enhanced security measures, and a focus on guest conduct can only provide limited protection. Considering the current societal atmosphere, Disney has made significant progress in terms of safety protocols and regulations within the parks.

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On a recent post shared on r/WaltDisneyWorld, there were reports of a very dangerous encounter. However, it is honestly hard to believe that a place as magical as Walt Disney World Resort could be anything other than welcoming and warm. Newsfeeds are continuously streaming reports of shootings and violence.

Gunplay at Disney World

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Not all of Disney’s attractions have been user-friendly. The theme park industry’s incredible rides and attractions can only be found in places like Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where unforgettable experiences through Disney’s magic are available.

In Frontierland, real bullets were not only allowed, but utilized on a regular basis. Even a location such as the Magic Kingdom is not exempt from controversy. Numerous reports exist of attractions like EPCOT’s Mission: SPACE and the notorious “Orange Mission” leading to illness and fatalities.

Scandal at the Shooting Gallery

frontierland at Disney World
Credit: Disney.

The Shooting Arcade in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom is a genuine 100% gallery where guests can enjoy the free attraction of shooting guns at targets. Before, it had infrared sensors on its guns, and hidden within it is a gem.

Similar to a holiday-bound Clint Eastwood, the objectives were eliminated utilizing led pellets, as verified by numerous individuals who came forward on a post concerning the former condition of the attraction.

U/DejSauce verifies the interesting detail in the original post by stating,.

“Additional: they changed them from pellets to lasers because they kept having to repaint the targets/everything the pellets hit!”

In response to u/focusjoeg,

“Yes, In the past, I have used the quiz question: “In the 1970s what was repainted everyday in the Magic Kingdom?”…… The Adventureland Shootin’ Gallery!”

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Today in the Parks, something definitely not something Disney would permit, but it’s surprising that something didn’t occur with the pellet guns, considering how often the news is saturated with firearm-related incidents. Label it as a byproduct of a different era or an indication that our shared society has advanced tremendously in terms of technology and social norms.

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