Nude Beach Etiquette: 7 Rules for First-Timers

If the Lord did not create bathing suits for Adam and Eve, why should you go without feeling the whole life of the ocean on your bare bottom, then known as the nudist resort of Eden’s Garden?

Before baring it all, however, there are a few things a newcomer to a clothing-optional beach should be aware of.

First and foremost: Where do you plan to go?

There are several public beaches in the United States where nudity is permitted, but options for clothing-optional beaches are scarce. For instance, Haulover Beach in Miami, Gunnison Beach in New Jersey, North Baker Beach in San Francisco, and Black’s Beach near San Diego are some of the few locations where nudity is accepted.

In Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean, the knowledgeable enthusiasts of swimming in the nude highly recommend Es Trenc on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Praia do Pinho in Brazil, Red Beach on Crete, Plage de Tahiti in Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, and other sun-soaked locations around the world.

They maintain a global directory of the American Association for Nude Recreation. Catering to individuals who desire to vacation in the nude, there exist numerous exclusive “naturist” clubs, lodges, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, campsites, and condominiums.

It’s called Naturist BnB and it offers nudist-friendly options for renting homes, small inns, resorts, and other accommodations in various places around the world. Additionally, there is an online platform similar to Airbnb that allows users to discover and reserve stays where clothing is optional.

It is definitely possible for your behavior to cause embarrassment, so you shouldn’t be ashamed of your body while it’s true because there are some basic etiquette rules to follow in order to avoid a faux pas, when you find yourself in a sunny spot to undress.

Before you hit the sand, make sure you’re clear on which parts of the beach permit nudity, as toplessness or full nudity may be allowed in many parts of the French Riviera. Also, confirm whether clothing is merely tolerated or legally allowed, as it may be useful to know. Respect the boundaries set by remaining covered in sections where clothing is required, and be aware that parking lots are common areas where nudity is not permitted.

Avoid prolonged eye contact

Do you struggle to keep your eyes open if you return to a book with an open crack? Don’t you want to stay in the same place? To prevent any suggestion of creepiness or cruelty regarding them, you want to avoid even suggesting that when people are vulnerable in the buff. You can look, but not gawk or ogle (do you know how to look?). It’s the cardinal rule of nude beachgoing.

Don’t bring your camera

If you must take a selfie, make sure to refrain from capturing images of others without their consent. It is advisable to avoid using any type of camera, even if the direction of your smartphone’s lens is unclear, as it can cause discomfort when photographing the surroundings. This falls under the category of not being invasive.

Bring a towel with you at all times

By the way, it is important to note that at nudist resorts, you will most likely be required to bring your own towel to sit on at the common areas, such as bars, restaurants, and furniture. It is obvious that you will need a towel to lie on the sand.

Generously apply sunscreen on every uncovered area of the body

This standard procedure for sunbathing is often sensitive about talking when it comes to parts of the body that we don’t often see the light of day.

Maintain a safe distance from others

Another pleasant aspect. It is important to respect your neighbor’s privacy by not intruding on their intentions. If there is enough room, it would be considerate to leave more space between you and the next person, allowing for a comfortable spot to lie down or sit when you choose.

Avoid any funny business

The “Naturist Beach Code” created by the British Naturism organization firmly asserts that all forms of sexual activity are equally unwelcome and illegal in any public location. The majority of individuals who engage in nude recreation aim to disconnect nudity from sexual behavior. Indecent conduct, whether it involves your partner, someone you recently encountered on the beach, or yourself, is strictly prohibited.