Ted Cruz’s daughter heads to TikTok to talk about being a senator’s kid

Caroline, the oldest daughter of the Texas senator, has gained new followers after she started using her private TikTok account, @_caro_iguess_.

Several TikTokers questioned what it was like for Cruz’s daughter after the teenager made a video, which was reshared on Twitter.

Providing a glimpse into her family life, Caroline created a list of advantages and disadvantages.

We receive candy and presents in the mail. Occasionally, we also have the opportunity to go on trips. She remarked, “Emphasizing the positives is one of the advantages.”

However, Caroline’s detailed list of negative things highlighted and emphasized her high expectations of public perception and appearance in life.

‘I absolutely need to have security trailing me wherever I go,’ she mentioned.

If I want to go for a walk through my friend’s house or the neighborhood, I have to go through two security guards, just like at the airport.

Caroline conveyed how she is often assessed by others according to her father’s conventional viewpoints, beliefs, and actions, despite her disagreement with them.

Actually, when one TikToker mentioned ‘your father is amazing,’ Caroline simply responded: ‘Alright’.

The teen also alleged that her father’s media team photoshopped her outfit on the family Christmas card to reflect Cruz’s conservative views.

In the printed photo, Caroline appears to be wearing a standard-length knit shirt, however she claims it was actually a crop top.

Before she took a selfie in front of the mirror, she said that the outfit she was wearing made my Christmas card look like a revealing shirt.

After Caroline’s private TikTok account went viral, users on social media took screenshots of her bio where she identified herself as bisexual and listed her preferred pronouns as she/her.

When asked about her sexuality and whether Cruz was aware of it, Caroline responded, “I haven’t informed him yet, honestly I’m a bit anxious, but I don’t believe he would be upset.”

She also gained a significant following. Her @_caro_iguess_ profile has more than 17,000 followers and 51,000 likes.

The teenager is also reported to have another account, @carolinecamille04, which is also set to private. That account only has 668 followers.

Caroline is the child of Cruz, who is 51 years old, and his partner, Heidi, who is 49. The couple also has another daughter, Catherine, who is 11 years old.

The U.S. Senator, who participated in the 2016 presidential race, has conveyed his inclination to potentially campaign again in 2024.

During last week’s interview with The Gazette, a conservative news service, Cruz described his presidential run as the most fun he had ever had.

While former president Donald Trump eventually emerged victorious in the Republican primary, Cruz commended himself for securing the second position.

‘You understand there is a rationale historically that the second-place finisher is nearly always the subsequent candidate,’ Cruz informed host Brilyn Hollyhand.

It’s true that support for base has been enormous, with you coming in repeatedly. That’s because you’ve consistently played out. And it’s also true that Romney, McCain, Reagan, and Nixon have all backed you in the past.

When Hollyhand inquired if he would contemplate running once more, Cruz replied, ‘Certainly. Without hesitation.’