Oh no, Joe: Biden confuses ‘All Blacks’ rugby team with ‘Black and Tan’ military force

A hundred years ago, the President of the United States committed a significant blunder: He mistakenly mixed up New Zealand’s “All Blacks” rugby squad with the infamous “Black and Tans” British armed detachment that battled against the Irish Republican Army, shortly after crossing the border from that United Kingdom area into the Republic of Ireland on Wednesday.

Regarding their attire, the team from New Zealand is famously known as the All Blacks. In November 2016 in Chicago, the rugby team from Ireland achieved their first victory over New Zealand in 111 years. This occurred when Biden – accompanied by Irish Foreign Minister Micheál Martin and renowned rugby player Rob Kearney, who happens to be a distant relative – attempted to praise one of Kearney’s most remarkable athletic achievements towards the conclusion of a lengthy speech in a pub on Wednesday evening.

The issue is, Biden inadvertently mentioned a allusion that could quite possibly suggest his affiliation with Irish insurgent history and its traditional tunes.

Biden, amidst laughter from the audience, exclaimed, “He’s an exceptional rugby player, and he thoroughly defeated the Black and Tans.”

Britain’s security forces engaged in conflict with IRA insurgents during their struggle for independence from Britain between 1919 and 1921. The Black and Tans served as a supplementary division, and their attire mirrored the ad hoc and varying shades associated with their designation.

The trip is beginning. Ireland is a great country and my friend is a decent guy, but he can be a bit too sentimental and a little schmaltzy. That’s what the commentator on the TV show said, “Well, that’s a sign that Joe Biden is off to a good start.” The broadcaster from RTÉ, who is known for being pro-Biden, provided continuous coverage of his live televised speech and didn’t acknowledge any mistakes.

Some media outlets blew up the gaffe made by Rob Kearney on social media in Ireland. However, his career as a rugby fullback, including his most famous accomplishment of single-handedly defeating the British forces a century ago, was listed when he retired.

Comedian Oliver Callan tweeted, “And … He certainly provided us with a remarkable one. The ultimate present Ireland desired from Joe Biden was a signature mistake.”

The president, who was a fan of rugby and everyone in Ireland, was talking about the clear and incredible defeat of New Zealand’s All Blacks by Team Ireland in 2016, according to Amanda Sloat, the senior director for Europe at the National Security Council, in her attempt to hose down the row on Thursday, as stated by a Biden aide.

“It was undeniably evident to his cousin seated beside him who had participated in that game,” she remarked. “It was apparent what the president was alluding to.”

Overlooked in the confusion was Biden’s additional Kearney blunder: He has yet to determine how to pronounce his own name.

Biden remained loyal to Kearney on Wednesday. The Irish pronounce the name Kar-ney. When introducing Kearney at the White House on St. Patrick’s Day, Biden referred to him as Keer-ney.