Travis Alexander Cause of Death: Crime Scene, Autopsy Report

Arias Jodi was convicted by a jury and prosecutors were able to convince them that she was responsible for the extremely brutal death of her former girlfriend, Travis Alexander.

The episode of ABC’s 20/20, which will air on February 14, 2020, will feature the case. According to Good Housekeeping, he informed a friend after breaking up with her that he was afraid of finding me dead, and he told me not to show up on Sundays. Don’t be surprised if they continued to have a sexual relationship with her, but they broke up out of fear of Arias after Alexander.

According to Good Housekeeping, the victim endured a savage attack, being stabbed 27 times, having his throat slit, and being shot in the head. The nature of the murder was particularly gruesome. You can view a copy of Alexander’s autopsy report here.

Presently, Arias continues to be imprisoned. In 2015, she was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

According to ABC, Juan Martinez, the lead prosecutor who has been accused of sexual harassment and leaking sealed information to a blogger, has now been facing a series of misconduct accusations. However, she is currently trying to appeal her conviction.

The television station has reported that Arias’s lawyers have already filed an appeal seeking to overturn her sentence, despite legal experts disagreeing on that ruling that the judge has not yet ruled on. It remains uncertain how likely they are to succeed with the appeal.

Here’s the information you should be aware of:

According to the Huffington Post, the coroner vividly described Alexander’s injuries at trial, stating that he was stabbed 27 times, shot in the right brow with a .25-caliber gun, and almost decapitated when his throat, voice box, and arteries were slashed.

ABC News reported that prosecutors claimed Arias “pursued her injured former partner Travis Alexander with a knife as he staggered through a corridor, smudging blood on the walls.” According to The Huffington Post, his body had already begun to mummify when discovered in his Mesa, Arizona residence in 2008. It was reported by ABC News that she caught up to him and fatally stabbed him in the throat. ABC News also stated that she assaulted him in the shower following sexual activity and captured images of one another.

The prosecutor stated during the trial, “The murder was carefully planned and executed. The fatal blow was delivered directly to his neck when he fell. If it was a crime of passion, she wouldn’t have aimed for a kill shot, but she caught up to him, targeted his throat, causing him to collapse and fall.”

Please be advised that there is a graphic picture in this video.

If you have the courage for it, there are highly explicit crime scene photographs in a gallery here.

The sexual relationship between Alexander and Jodi continued right up until the time Alexander was murdered; the pair had met at a convention for work in 2006, after their long-distance relationship ended. This is the twisted love story that turned into a fatal attraction, fueled by white-hot sex, rage, and obsession, as ABC put it. However, their relationship often focused on sex, and she became a Mormon for him, and they had an off-and-on relationship. Jodi described her obsession with Alexander as a friend to Huffington Post.

Hughes told the publication, “While they were watching a film, they dozed off on a large bean bag chair — she quietly entered the house and observed them sleeping — whenever he started seeing someone else, she would illegally access his email — on numerous occasions.”

It would be a massive understatement to say that Travis was obsessed and creepy with Jodi…He knew it was her and he slashed his girlfriend’s tires not once, but twice…He knew it was her and someone would run and knock at his girlfriend’s house…He would be there.