Ola de tormentas eléctricas amenaza a 45 millones de personas en el sur de EE.UU., con vientos dañinos y posibles tornados fuertes

Over the course of Thursday and Friday, an intense spell of inclement weather with destructive gusts and powerful tornadoes hangs over the southern plains and southern United States.

This Thursday, a wave of severe weather is expected to move eastward on Wednesday, as the storm system that dumped over a meter of snow in some parts of California continues its path.

This Thursday, tornadoes, some possibly stronger than EF-2 strength, and baseball-sized hail, along with a threat of damaging winds up to 128 km/h, are facing eastern Texas, northern Louisiana, and southwestern Arkansas – also known as the ArkLaTex region.

The houses can be destroyed by tearing off the roofs and uprooting the trees, and mobile homes can be destroyed by winds of at least 180 km/h that accompany this magnitude of tornadoes.

This Thursday, the Center for Storm Prediction has issued a level 4 out of 5 threat of severe storms in the ArkLaTex region, which encompasses over two million individuals, including Shreveport, Louisiana, and Tyler, Texas.

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On Thursday, the area of serious threat extends from the center of Texas to Alabama, impacting approximately 45 million people. Dallas, Memphis, Little Rock, and Jackson, Mississippi are under a level 3 out of 5 risk of severe storms, while Houston and Austin, Texas are under a level 2 out of 5 threat.

The Dallas weather service warned that the storms on Thursday “will no longer pose a serious meteorological threat,” adding that those living in areas where the threat is stronger should pay attention to the alerts directed towards them, according to experts.

This warm air will fuel storms and temperatures have been near record levels for this time of year across the southeast this week. Thunderstorms will start in central and eastern Texas this Thursday morning and intensify as they encounter unusually warm air to the east.

San Antonio and Houston, cities in Louisiana, could potentially reach temperatures of 30°C and 31.1 degrees, respectively. Similarly, Baton Rouge, another city in Louisiana, is also expected to approach or surpass temperature records shortly before inclement weather sets in.

The most significant danger comes from the occurrence of large hail and the development of violent tornadoes, which are more prone to happen within powerful supercell thunderstorms, particularly during the morning hours.

The possibility of extensive, destructive winds will intensify as the front linked to this risk moves towards the east. It is anticipated that a zone of strong gusts and turbulent variations, along with a powerful line of thunderstorms, will develop on Thursday afternoon.

Este jueves por la noche, en Louisiana y Arkansas, avanza hacia el este una tormenta de larga duración que mantendrá su fuerza.

Tornados and hail the dimensions of a 25 cent coin, with a potential for destructive winds of up to 112 km/h, are anticipated as the severe storm danger progresses towards central Mississippi and western Tennessee overnight into Friday morning.

Until Friday morning, a flood warning is in effect for over seven million people in northern Arkansas, western Tennessee, and northern Mississippi. In addition to the severe threats, sudden floods will also be a cause for concern.

Anticipate increased levels of precipitation in specific areas due to intense rainfall ranging from 76 to 152 mm until Thursday evening. Consequently, several flash floods are likely to occur in these localized regions.

The severe storms persist on Friday.

Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville are encompassed in this region, which is experiencing a level 2 out of 5 severe danger. Severe tempests will persist moving towards the east on Friday, posing a threat to over 40 million individuals across the Southeast to the Ohio Valley.

The severe line storms will bring damaging winds and hail, along with the possibility of isolated tornadoes, extending from central Alabama to central Tennessee until Friday morning.

At the last hour of Friday night, it is expected that the threat will dissipate. Isolated tornadoes, damaging gusts of wind up to 80 km/h, and small hail will be encountered by eastern Kentucky and western Carolina.