World Cup 2022 Group G: Match schedule, fixtures, times and dates for Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon in Qatar

Brazil, the team favored to win the entire tournament, are not only anticipated to emerge victorious in Group G at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Securing a victory against Switzerland, the Selecao inched closer towards their ultimate goal, as it would guarantee them a spot in the Round of 16 during their final group game against Cameroon.

Serbia will require a victory, whereas the Swiss may settle for a draw. The upcoming match between Serbia and Switzerland holds significant importance as it determines which team will advance to the knockout stage. The remaining spot in the knockouts will be contested by these two European teams, Serbia and Switzerland.

The Lions Indomitable are still mathematically alive, but Switzerland does not have hope of winning their game and starting the final matchday. They would need to beat Brazil in order to hunt them down, but of course, Cameroon is still in the race.

Group H, Group G, Group F, and Group E are part of the Groups Cup World, along with Group D, Group C, Group B, and Group A.

1. Brazil-Q 6 3 2 1 0 3 1 +22. Switzerland-Q 6 3 2 1 0 4 3 +13. Cameroon-E 4 3 1 1 1 4 4 04. Serbia-E 1 3 0 2 1 5 8 -3GP W L D GF GA GD Team PTS

  • Q = Advanced to Round of 16.
  • E = Removed.
  • Please be aware that Brazil narrowly edged out Switzerland to secure the leading position, thanks to the first tiebreaker (goal difference) with a +2 in contrast to Switzerland’s +1.

    Schedule and Outcomes of Group G Matches

    The highlights of the matches are as follows: Switzerland defeated Serbia with a score of 3-2 on Friday, December 2. Cameroon won against Brazil with a score of 1-0 on the same day. On Friday, December 2, Brazil defeated Switzerland with a score of 1-0. On Monday, November 28, Serbia and Cameroon played a draw with a score of 3-3. In another match on the same day, Brazil won against Serbia with a score of 2-0. On Thursday, November 24, Switzerland won against Cameroon with a score of 1-0. Finally, on the same day, Brazil defeated Serbia with a score of 2-0.

    The standings in the group are based on points, where none results in a loss, one results in a draw, and three results in a win. The four selected teams are playing a round-robin format, facing each other nation in the group for three matches.

    Another set of tiebreakers is utilized if teams are also tied in those categories. The initial tiebreaker is the number of goals scored, followed by the goal difference if teams have the same number of points. The top two teams from each group, based on the total points, will advance to the single-game knockouts.


    In 2002, Brazil achieved their fifth triumph on the grandest platform, and presently the Selecao will strive to conclude two decades of European control. It simply wouldn’t appear as a World Cup devoid of Brazil.

    It seems that Brazil, like many people, is still likely to try to regain control of the World Cup in South America, but Argentina, their old rivals, might have beaten them in last year’s Copa America final.

    Vinicius Jr, along with talents befitting of him, has the responsibility of finally enjoying a World Cup. It is likely that their hopes will fall or stand based on how effectively their attacking talents click. Brazil’s hopes for victory in 2021 were only accounted for by a solitary strike from Di Maria, conceding only one goal in the Maracana in July.

  • Current FIFA global ranking: Number 1 (August, 2022).
  • Regional classification: 1st (CONMEBOL).
  • Number of World Cup championships: 5.
  • World Cup participations (most recent): 21 (Russia 2018).
  • How skilled: CONMEBOL World Cup Qualification champions: 14 wins, 0 losses, 3 draws.
  • Coach: Tite (Brazil) since June, 2016.
  • Notable individuals: Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain / France), Marquinhos (Paris Saint-Germain / France), Vinicius Jr. (Real Madrid / Spain).
  • ADDITIONAL: Brazil’s national team for the World Cup in Qatar.


    The finals of the Balkan nation’s book were witnessed by the company last November, and indeed it was a late win against Cristiano Ronaldo. Portugal, which also included in the tough qualifying group, secured a place at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar by finishing on top. However, they failed to make it to the 2020 Euro, unlike Serbia, who remained unbeaten in a challenging qualifying group.

    Several individuals might be astonished if they engage in unity. Aleksandar Mitrovic, the standout player of Fulham in the Premier League, and Luka Jovic, Fiorentina’s player, also serve as valuable offensive alternatives. The ingenuity and stylishness of the seasoned captain Dusan Tadic will probably present challenges for their adversaries in the group.

  • The current ranking of FIFA in the world is No. 21 as of November 2022.
  • Regional position: 13th (UEFA).
  • World Cup championships: –.
  • World Cup participations (most recent): 12 (Russia 2018).
  • How skilled: UEFA Group A champions: 6 wins – 0 losses – 2 draws.
  • Coach: Dragan Stojkovic (Serbia) from March, 2021.
  • Notable participants: Dusan Tadic (Ajax / Netherlands), Aleksandar Mitrovic (Fulham / England), Luka Jovic (Fiorentina / Italy).
  • MORE: Serbia’s ultimate World Cup team in Qatar.


    In November last year, Qatar secured their place at the top of Group C by booking an automatic spot, highlighting their dominance with a resounding 4-0 victory over Bulgaria at home, ultimately sealing their qualification for the World Cup.

    Watching this tournament, it is clear that Yakin’s team is certainly one to keep an eye on. They have only conceded two goals while remaining unbeaten during the qualifying rounds. Not only are they capable of unlocking the opposition’s defense, but they also have a strong and well-built defensive line.

    Xherdan Shaqiri, who is now playing for Chicago Fire in MLS, and Former Liverpool player from Bayern Munich, will be relied upon to bring a fresh and innovative approach and take charge of the forward position, despite being on the verge of turning 31.

    New Manchester City signing Manuel Akanji is also one to watch, in a defence alongside the likes of Newcastle United’s Fabian Schar.

  • Current FIFA global ranking: No. 15 (November, 2022).
  • Regional position: 11th (UEFA).
  • World Cup championships: –.
  • World Cup participations (most recent): 11 (Russia 2018).
  • How well qualified: UEFA Group C champions: 5 wins – 0 losses – 3 draws.
  • Coach: Murat Yakin (Switzerland) since August, 2021.
  • Notable figures: Granit Xhaka (Arsenal / England), Xherdan Shaqiri (Chicago Fire / USA), Manuel Akanji (Man City / England).
  • ADDITIONAL: Switzerland’s World Cup team in Qatar.


    Cameroon’s veterans have booked their return to the World Cup finals for the first time since 2014 with a dramatic all-take-winner victory over Algeria in late March.

    The Indomitable Lions, who are expected to deliver, could rely on many well-established players who may prove to be key contributors in Qatar. Aboubakar Vincent, the seasoned international performer, will be the captain and the team will be making their eighth appearance on the World Cup stage.

    Song Rigobert, the charismatic coach, believes that his team will have another chance to reach the knockout phase and finish in third place at the Nations Cup of Africa. He is confident because he had a memorable run to the quarterfinals in Italy in 1990, when he was a player for Liverpool and had made four appearances in the World Cup.

  • Current FIFA global ranking: No. 43 (November, 2022).
  • Regional placement: 7th (CAF).
  • World Cup championships: –.
  • World Cup participations (most recent): 7 (Brazil 2014).
  • How skilled: CAF Third Round victors: (aggregate 2-2 against Algeria, Cameroon emerge victorious based on away goals).
  • Coach: Rigobert Song (Cameroon) since February, 2022.
  • Notable individuals: Vincent Aboubakar (Al Nassr / Saudi Arabia), Andre Onana (Ajax / Netherlands), Karl Toko Ejambi (Lyon / France).
  • ADDITIONAL: Cameroon’s 26-member team in Qatar.

    World Cup Group G probabilities and forecasts

    (Accurate as of November 2022) given by Sports Interaction, including the chances for each team to emerge victorious and secure qualification, here are the.

    In order to win $100 on that particular bet, one must place a bet with negative odds, whereas the earnings from a successful $100 bet indicate positive odds.

    The Round of 16 will see the two teams that advance from Group H competing against the first-place and second-place finishers from Group G on Monday, Dec. 5, and Tuesday, Dec. 6.

    The Brazil squad emerges victorious and secures qualification with a score of -313 and -1000, whereas Switzerland secures qualification with a score of +509 and +102. Serbia also secures qualification with a score of +597 and +111, and Cameroon secures qualification with a score of +1600 and +377.

    ADDITIONAL WORLD CUP 2022: Complete Qatar 2022 timetable | Most recent updates.

    The official FIFA 2022 World Cup match schedule outlines the following knockout pairings for the Round of 16 through to the final:.

    FIFA World Cup Round of 16

    The matches on December 6th at Lusail Education City will be between 1H and 2G at 2 p.M., And between 1F and 2E at 10 a.M. The matches on December 6th at 974 Stadium will be between 2H and 1 Lusail Education City at 2 p.M., And between 2F and 1E at 10 a.M. The matches on December 5th at 974 Stadium will be between 2G and 1H at 2 p.M., And between 2F and 1E at 10 a.M. The matches on December 5th at Janoub Al will be between 2B and 1B at 2 p.M., And between 2C and 1D at 10 a.M. The matches on December 4th at Thumama Al will be between 2D and 1C at 2 p

    Quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup

    The match between 1D/2C and 1B/2A will take place on December 10th, Saturday at Al Bayt Stadium at 2 p.M. The quarterfinal match QF3 between 1C/2D and 1A/2B will be held at Lusail Stadium on December 10th at 2 p.M. On the same day, at Education City Stadium, the quarterfinal match QF2 between 1G/2H and 1E/2F will start at 10 a.M. The first quarterfinal match QF1 between 1H/2G and 1F/2E will be played at Al Thumama Stadium on Friday, December 9th at 10 a.M. (ET).

    Semifinals of the FIFA World Cup

    The match between QF2 and QF1 will take place at Lusail Stadium on Tuesday, December 13th, at 2 p.M. Additionally, on Wednesday, December 14th, at 2 p.M., There will be a match between QF4 and QF3 at Al Bayt Stadium.

    3rd Place in the World Cup

    Stadium, Doha Sat, Dec. 17 Semifinal losers 10 a.M. Khalifa International Stadium, Doha

    Championship Match of the World Cup

    Sunday, December 18th, the winners of the semifinals will compete at 10 a.M. In Lusail Stadium.