¿Qué se celebra en la fiesta de Todos los Santos?

Who are the saints? Why celebrate the feast of all saints? But it is good that as Christians we pray for our deceased. Celebrating the Day of the Dead is a tradition of our homeland, and that is the true celebration of these days, celebrating monsters and witches is not Christian. Catholics are celebrating because on November 1st we celebrate all the saints.

Following him, they decided to be happy and changed, when they found Jesus, they behaved very badly and they did not know God, others led a different life, some have been saints since they were little, others have been saints since they were white, some have been saints since they were black, some have been very simple, others have been very intelligent, some have been chubby, others have been thin, there are female saints and male saints, old saints and young saints, some are children, saints come in different ages, there have been saints from different people in all times, we are not all saints.

No es necesario golpear las paredes para poder ver o volar a través de ellas, pero es importante tener músculos fuertes. Además, es verdad que Don Fe tiene todos los poderes superiores de tus héroes favoritos. También queremos ser como él, pero todos somos bautizados como santos y eso fue un regalo que Don Fe nos dio cuando nos bautizó. Dios nos quiere santos y todos estamos llamados a ser santos.

Jesus is a saint. He is loved, he is good at doing good, he knows how to act, and we should strive to follow Jesus’ example of being holy.

Do you know how the saint or saint lived, what did he do to be made holy? Are there any images of a saint or saint in your house? Do the children go naming the saints but making a small list of superheroes? Do you know what a saint or saint is for?

Let’s now get to know some of them.Output: Let’s now discover a few of them.

Jesus loved him because he was a happy, joyful child. At this moment, it is God’s will that he would continue playing. He wanted to do God’s will in everything. He preferred to die before sinning. My first communion day, which was the most important day of my life, made me understand that being Jesus’ friend was important. There was a time, a long time ago, when there was a little boy called Domingo who understood that being Jesus’ friend was the most important thing in life. On my first communion day, which was the most important day of my life, Jesus and Mary will be my friends.

Jesus was the one who knew very well because he talked to the best of friends. He prayed to our Lord and offered it to people who didn’t know how to say thank you, and that was difficult for him, but he sought to do favors for everyone. He was kind to people who didn’t know how to say thank you, and that was difficult for him, but he offered it to our Lord. When he received Holy Communion, he was the happiest person in the world. She wanted to be his “little ball” so that the child Jesus could play with her, and one day she said to Jesus. All the little things, prayers, work, services done with love were what pleased God, she always knew it. She had many sisters and all of them wanted to consecrate themselves to the Lord. Jesus and Blessed Mary, she also loved Saint Therese very much.

He also said, “Love and do what you want,” because he knew very well that when you love God, you will only do what pleases Him. He wrote many books that now serve as a guide for all Christians in the Church. Thinking and meditating on the things of God, Saint Augustine became a Bishop and had so much confidence in God’s love that he said, “Lord, you created us for Yourself, and our hearts will be restless until they rest in You.” Saint Augustine was a great saint, but he did not always behave well; he made his mother suffer with his bad behavior. However, his mother, who was very holy and named Monica, prayed a lot for her son to know Jesus. The day Augustine found Jesus in his life, he was filled with so much joy that he never wanted to sin again. He went to his mother, and together they prayed and gave thanks to God.

María siempre tenía la ayuda de la Virgen así porque siempre rezaba el Santo Rosario. Invitaba a los niños a cuidar de la vida y hablaba a personas de todo el mundo, desde sacerdotes hasta presidentes de países y mucha gente. A pesar de ser una viejita, seguía trabajando mucho. Todos los días comulgaba para hacer la obra de Jesús y asistía a la Misa por las mañanas. Jesucristo se encontraba con los pobres más enfermos y los cuidaba con mucho amor, a aquellos que no podían pagar nada. Jesús quiso servir a los pobres más pobres, aquellos que no tenían nada, para agradar a Madre Teresa de Calcuta.

Martyrs are individuals who have perished sacrificing their lives for the faith. They are referred to as Missionaries, venturing to remote locations where Jesus is unfamiliar, imparting teachings of love for our Lord. While certain saints are widely recognized, there exist others who remain anonymous, known only to God. Those who have endured illness offer their sufferings to Jesus, thereby demonstrating that even though saints may not receive extensive media coverage, they radiate the glory of God throughout the world. Furthermore, some saints have dedicated themselves to caring for the sick and the impoverished, while others have established educational institutions to enlighten children about Jesus. There are also those who have chosen to remain within their own city and home, faithfully following God’s will and fostering a close relationship with Him.

For example, Alberto San Juan, Pedro San, Cecilia Santa, Teresa Santa, Carlos San, are some of our employers, many times we have names that are saint or saint.

Los santos, o sea los que ya están en el cielo porque vivieron su bautismo, a ellos se les veneran porque son:.

Model: Because by seeing what they did to become friends of God, we can imitate them.

Motivation: Because they fought like we do now and they already enjoy the inheritance that we are also called to.

Our needs for assistance in God’s presence make us turn to those who are our great benefactors and intercessors, our brothers and friends.


To be holy, we must be told and many saints have been taken to the altar and have led a life of holiness. II Paul John Pope has invited us to live a life of holiness many times. They are saints who have been faithful to their baptism and have received the gift of faith, which they have used very well. The saints exist only in movies and cartoons because we cannot actually have superpowers like some characters who are superheroes and entertain us on television.

Schedule: Engage in prayer, not just recite memorized prayers but pour your heart into them, praying is having a conversation with God.

Jesus is present with us in Communion because being in heaven is like being in the most beautiful place in the world. The Eucharist (The Mass) is the most beautiful place in the world. To receive Communion and to go to Mass.

When we confess, we approach God seeking forgiveness, knowing that He always offers us His forgiveness, and in doing so, we are happy to be able to return and regain our friendship.

La Gracia. Tener fe en Dios, saber que solamente debido a que Jesús está siempre con nosotros, podemos ser virtuosos.

It pleases God to do what he does, to learn catechism, and the Bible tells us that God wants us to know him. We should listen to God’s Word.

God of Word to Announce. Jesus with encountering of joy to bring others, being missionaries. With love, helping others, with our company, our behavior, with words we can do it.

La Santísima Virgen, san José, los apóstoles, mártires y santos todos esperan nuestro triunfo, están atentos a nuestra lucha, no nos olvidan.

¿Qué crees que puedes hacer tú para ser santo?Output: ¿Qué piensas que puedes hacer para convertirte en santo?

Of the saints we talked about today, who would you like to resemble?