Roost Renters Insurance Review: Pros & Cons, Pricing, and Features

Studenomics Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars.

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We know that you want a policy that comes with a peaceful mind. It’s like being on the hunt for the perfect renter’s insurance policy to ensure that you’re covered.

Without costing you a fortune, a renters insurance policy should protect you and your personal belongings, I think you’ll agree with me.

Roost Renters Insurance guarantees to provide you with the tranquility you deserve, offering convenient choices and dependable assistance.

This is why we’re going to review Roost renters insurance if we want to see if this company is ideal for your situation, and they can provide the convenience claims if needed.


Roost Renters Insurance can be obtained through a select group of property managers via the online portal.

Known for:.

  • Protection is offered for water-related harm.
  • Accessible in every one of the 50 states.
  • Each policy includes coverage for the cost of replacing items.
  • Financial Rating:.

    Although Roost Renters Insurance lacks a financial strength rating from A.M. Best, it is backed by other financially robust companies.

    What is Roost’s Financial Rating?

    If you decide to submit a claim, it’s important to understand that your future coverage is guaranteed as we consistently evaluate the financial stability of renter’s insurance companies.

    Millennial Specialty Insurance has an A+ rating, which we were able to find out while Roost doesn’t have the best A.M score.

    Why is this relevant? As per Roost:

    Renters Roost is a leading provider of HO4 insurance products for multi-family housing in the market, serving as the insurance agency for Millennial Insurance Specialty LLC, a business operating in California.

    This implies that Roost Renters Insurance is supported by a well-established company.

    Studenomics Financial Strength Score: 4 out of 5.

    What Isn’t Covered By My Roost Renter’s Insurance Policy?

    It is imperative to comprehend what is excluded now that you have knowledge of the aspects encompassed in your Roost Renters Insurance policy.

    Here are the things you need to consider when you communicate with your property manager:

  • Operating a business from one’s residence is not usually addressed.
  • Restrictions will be imposed on accessories and electronic devices.
  • Not all calamities of nature are included.
  • We always recommend reviewing your renters insurance policy to determine if any modifications are necessary based on your specific circumstances.

    The diagram underneath illustrates an instance of what is included and what is not included in your Roost Renters Insurance coverage.

    Roost Renters Insurance Review

    Can I Add My Roommate?

    Are you interested in including your roommate in your renter’s insurance policy?

    We have great news here. You can have a group of flatmates under one renter’s insurance policy with Roost.

    Studenomics Policy Choices Score: 3 out of 5.

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    What Does Roost Renters Insurance Coverage Include?

    What exactly does Roost Renters Insurance cover? While the website doesn’t go into detail, we were able to find some information here.

    Here’s what is included in your Roost Renters Insurance policy:

    Coverage for personal belongings.

    Any covered theft or damages protect your personal items (everything from your laptop to couch). The coverage ranges from $10,000 to $75,000.

    Coverage for personal responsibility.

    Under the umbrella of protection, you possess personal accountability of up to $100,000. In the event of a covered detriment, in case you had to confront a legal predicament or someone were to file a lawsuit against you, you are safeguarded.

    Coverage for the inability to use.

    If you cannot live in your lodging because of a safeguarded loss, your costs for interim accommodation will be looked after.

    As per the authorized website of Roost Renters Insurance:

    Renters Roost Insurance provides additional coverage for living expenses, which is important if you need to live in a temporary location due to damage to your home. This coverage is provided as a result of a covered loss, which covers additional living expenses.

    Additional coverage.

    Roost Renters Insurance also provides replacement cost coverage, water damage coverage, and you could add your roommates to your renters insurance policy.

    The image below is a section from the real website, where you can observe what is included in your renters insurance plan.

    Roost Renters Insurance Review

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    How is Roost’s Reputation for Service?

    We examined Glassdoor, BBB, and Reddit to discover the opinions of ordinary individuals regarding Roost Renters Insurance.

    We awarded this establishment a score of 3 due to the limited availability of details regarding Roost Renters Insurance, coupled with the numerous grievances received by Appfolio.

    Additionally, we were dissatisfied with the absence of a customer service hotline and the requirement to communicate via email.

    The scores below are for Appfolio because it is the software company that property managers utilize for Roost Renters Insurance.

    Number of Reviews: 1. (34 customer grievances).

    Comment Count: There were not a lot of conversations about Roost.

    Roost Renters Insurance Reddit Feedback

    When it comes to the policies concerning renters insurance and the operational procedures of the renters insurance company, we consistently refer to Reddit to gauge the feedback from our loyal clientele.

    We looked up the term “Roost Renters Insurance Reddit” to see what information we could discover.

    Here’s one conversation that stood out…

    Roost Renters Insurance Reddit

    This discussion served as a reminder to us that numerous college students will most likely opt for Roost Renters Insurance in order to cut costs. By including your roommates in a single policy, you can greatly reduce the amount of paperwork and inconvenience.

    I apologize, but I’m not able to provide the specific output you’re looking for.

    Renters Roost Insurance offers standard coverage that includes guaranteed replacement cost, ensuring customer satisfaction and transparency, although it is challenging to find positive reviews.

    We hope the company would seek information about Roost Renters Insurance as it becomes more open about its policies regarding renters insurance. We encountered a comparable issue.

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    Renters Insurance available from just $5 per month.

    No agents, no documentation, obtain an insurance plan in seconds. Zero inconvenience, zero paperwork, zero concern. Enroll today! Commencing at $5/month.

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    How Can You Submit a Roost Renters Insurance Claim?

    Let’s say that something happens and you have to file a renter’s insurance claim with Roost Renters Insurance, what’s the process like?

    You have several choices when it comes to submitting a renters insurance claim with Roost Renters Insurance:.

  • Access the website through the portal provided here (https://msimga.Com/).
  • Dial (844) 788-0877.
  • Communicate with your real estate supervisor.
  • Please remember to contact the police and your landlord in the event that a situation arises where you require proper paperwork.

    If a theft occurs, it is essential to acquire a police report to guarantee that all essential paperwork is properly organized.

    Studenomics Customer Service Rating: 3 out of 5.


    How Much Does Roost Insurance Cost?

    It wouldn’t be equitable to compose a Roost Renters Insurance analysis without examining the cost of an insurance plan.

    Obtaining the quote via the website proves to be difficult as it requires being a property manager utilizing the Appfolio software. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    We strive to be fully transparent when writing a renters insurance review, as it is important for tenants to know that there is one policy that can help them save money.

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    Renters Insurance available from just $5 per month.

    No agents, no documentation, obtain an insurance plan in seconds. Zero inconvenience, zero paperwork, zero concern. Enroll today! Commencing at $5/month.

    There is no cost for application!

    How Much Is Roost Renters Insurance?

    We were unable to find any specific numbers and figures, but we did have conversations about Insurance and Renters Roost. When it comes to Insurance and Renters Roost, we couldn’t find any public quotes.

    Roost Renters Insurance Quotes.

    In the case of Roost Renters Insurance, you will need to communicate with your property manager in order to obtain quotes. Normally, we would share Roost Renters Insurance quotes here.

    White Studenomics Icon

    Pro Tip for Renters Insurance.

    Renters insurance typically begins with limits around $100,000. It not only provides protection for your property, but also safeguards you against potential damages caused by others. However, it’s important to note that renters insurance only covers the replacement of your belongings, not the property itself if it gets damaged.

    Is Roost Renters Insurance Cost Worth It?

    Is it advisable to enroll in Roost Renters Insurance?

    It varies based on your circumstances. We discovered that Roost is perfect for the following individuals:

  • College students cohabitating.
  • Those who require renters insurance for landlord mandates.
  • Anyone seeking protection against water damage.
  • If you’re looking to sign up for Roost Renters Insurance, there are a few cheaper renters insurance companies out there that you may want to consider for quotes.

    Can I Bundle My Roost Renters Insurance With My Auto Insurance?

    The bad news is that Roost Renters Insurance doesn’t offer auto insurance so you would have to find a separate policy here.

    Studenomics Pricing Rating: 2 out of 5.

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    Is Roost Renters Insurance Good?

    We always strive to carry out a comprehensive inquiry of each renters insurance company we assess. Given the limited public information accessible about the company, we opted to examine both Roost Renters Insurance and the Appfolio property management software they utilize.

    You can opt for replacement cost value coverage on your valuable belongings, which offers protection against water damage. Additionally, Roost offers the benefit of including your roommates in the coverage, resulting in cost savings, which is something we found appealing.

    According to the website authorized by the organization:

    Renters Roost Insurance is dedicated to offering you convenient options, with reliable service and robust coverage. With Roost, you will also receive Cost Replacement Value (RCV) coverage, which pays the cost to replace your new items.

    How can you cancel Roost Renters Insurance?

    Let’s say that your circumstances alter and you wish to terminate your Roost Renters Insurance policy. How can you accomplish this? Output: Suppose your situation changes and you want to cancel your Roost Renters Insurance policy. How can you achieve this?

    If you wish to cancel your Roost Renters Insurance at any time, you have two choices available.

  • Email at customerservice@msimga.Com.
  • By calling (844) 788-0877.
  • Who is Roost Renters Insurance?

    Who is Roost Renters Insurance as an organization?

    In our study, we couldn’t gather much information on Roost as they exclusively collaborate with property managers who utilize the Appfolio software.

    Appfolio is the main company of Roost and they provide internet services for individuals who manage properties.

    In order for you to buy a renter’s insurance policy, your rental unit must be listed in the Appfolio database. Consequently, there is limited information publicly accessible regarding Roost Renters Insurance.

    According to the official website of Appfolio, here’s what they had to mention about the software:

    AppFolio provides two levels of mobile property management software that enables property managers of residential, commercial, student housing, and community association properties to effectively promote, oversee, and expand their business with the help of AppFolio Property Manager and AppFolio Property Manager PLUS.

    We’re going to thoroughly explore the renter’s insurance policies that are provided by Roost Renters Insurance.

    Website: www.Roostrentersinsurance.Com.

    Location (Appfolio): 50 Castilian Drive, Goleta, California 93117.

    Does Roost Offer Insurance In My State?

    Roost Renters Insurance is available in all 50 states, which is a positive development. If your property manager utilizes the Appfolio application, you have the opportunity to acquire a quote for Roost Renters Insurance.

    You can also examine the optimal rates for renters insurance by state using the map provided.

    How Does Roost Renters Insurance Work?

    Roost Renters Insurance is exceptionally distinctive when it comes to a policy for insuring renters.

    In order to acquire a quote for your renter’s insurance, you need to contact your property manager, who must be utilizing the Appfolio software. Typically, individuals visit the website of a renter’s insurance company.

    The bad news is that you can’t find online quote insurance for renters. The good news is that you can put a bunch of roommates under one policy. If you qualify, you can obtain a quote from Appfolio.

    Although the website is quite simple, you can still discover the coverage of renters insurance when you register for Roost.

    Roost Renters Insurance Review

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    Save Up to 50% by Bundling.

    Save up to $850 per year by bundling renters and auto insurance when renting a condo, home, motorcycle, or car. Get quick online quotes and compare insurance options.

    There is no cost for application!

    Is Roost Renters Insurance legit?

    Our objective is to determine whether each renters insurance company that we include is legitimate or not.

    We examine the pricing, customer care, policy choices, and the financials of the corporation.

    Let’s discover what information we were able to gather about Roost Renters Insurance and Appfolio.

    Editor Review

    The ratings from our editor for our Roost Renters Insurance Review include pricing, customer support, policy choices, and financial security.

    Studenomics Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars.

    PRICING RATING: 2 Out of 5.

    Pros and Cons of Roost Renters Insurance?

    We were able to come up here to see what the advantages and disadvantages of Roost Renters Insurance are, and we tried to browse around to see.


  • Includes coverage for the cost of replacing it.
  • You can include your housemates in your policy.
  • Perfect for students seeking to save money.
  • Cons:.

  • Your property manager needs to utilize the Appfolio software.
  • You cannot find a quotation on the internet.
  • Customer contentment concerns.
  • Extremely simple website with minimal details.
  • These are the advantages and disadvantages that we want you to consider before making a decision to utilize Roost Renters Insurance.

    Final thoughts on Roost Renters Insurance…

    Online information is not sufficient to simply share the company, but Roost appears promising because we really wish we could add more information here. That’s our review of Renters Roost insurance.

    If you’re seeking exceptional customer service or comparisons of quotes for renters insurance, you’re going to need to search elsewhere.

    Renters Roost seems to be ideal for anyone who is looking to share renter’s insurance policy with their roommates and has a property manager who has applicable insurance policies.