Scarlett Johansson makes surprise cameo during Woody Harrelson’s SNL hosting gig

Scarlett Johansson, a comrade, concluded the performance by accepting a jacket from the Five-Timers Club while the 61-year-old performer commenced it with an extensive, meandering opening speech.

Harrelson began his hosting responsibilities by expressing his affection for everyone, possibly due to his identity as a ‘redneck hippie.’

No one anticipated it, yet nobody anticipated it, anticipating somebody to promptly emerge and drape a jacket over his shoulders, the celebrity extended his arms. Inducting him into the renowned Five-Timers Club, he subsequently acknowledged that it marked his fifth occasion as the host of the show.

After hosting a reading of his script at Park Central, he said he had a very strange experience. He mentioned that he had a great time and cheered.

Harrelson slowly made his way toward the point while listing a range of descriptions that could be applied to him, such as anarchist, Marxist, inclusive empath, epistemological deconstructionist, and Texan.

He said that if they wanted to go outside, he would find them believable voluntarily, describing the plot of the script in which he was involved with a cartel that forces people to take drugs.

In his initial drawing following the intermission, Harrelson portrays a convicted criminal conversing with his spouse who is not incarcerated.

According to one of the prison guards, he will not be staying incarcerated for much longer, as he frequently expresses his emotions to his companion.

Following each statement, the security guard interrupts and ridicules Harrelson’s strategies for when he ultimately departs from prison.

Upon learning of Harrelson’s intention to purchase a house for his wife, she expressed, “I currently reside in a one-bedroom apartment with a roommate and I am not incarcerated. Therefore, acquiring a house is beyond my means.”

Chloe Fineman, who plays Harrelson’s wife, offers some comforting, albeit deceptive, statements to Harrelson. She hints that their son may not actually be Harrelson’s biological child. Additionally, Kenan Thompson portrays another guard who enters the scene.

The guards then seize the phone and engage in a conversation, completely intruding upon and terminating the couple’s private discussion.

If Harrelson asks and they turn him down, everything is okay between them. Ben, one of the cast members named officemates, wants to hang out after work, where he played a short digital game.

When Ben claims he has no knowledge, Harrelson proposes accompanying them to observe whether they are socializing without the fellow actor.

If he inquires, they plan to eliminate him, and Harrelson brandishes a firearm, while spending time together without Ben. The duo partake in a surveillance operation while a title card reminiscent of a noir film appears, accompanied by atmospheric detective movie music.

Before holding the baby, Ben is shocked to see them dating. He leans in to kiss them and then cuddles up with his two friends. He sees them before seeing his blown-up family, including a “moody teen”.

Ben wonders if the pair is keeping a secret relationship from everyone at work, as Thompson Kenan throws his phone away and arrives for dinner, calling the kids who are Uncle.

They subsequently conduct ‘New Ben auditions’ in the living room to substitute their friend with an improved edition.

They say they don’t want to replace the ‘New Ben.’ As Harrelson chooses and changes their minds before him, and Ben confronts the pair.

In the video below, you can see two sets of people getting on a huge rollercoaster. Sam, the character played by Harrelson, is persuaded to participate in the thrilling adventure.

Kevin faints while Sam ecstatically shouts as the ride begins. He is unable to inform him that the character Kevin, portrayed by Kenan Thompson, attempts to exit the roller coaster.

Once again, he faints and Kevin’s girlfriend expresses her desire to accompany him once more before the pair disembark from the attraction.

He confesses that he lost his job two weeks before the incident and then wakes up in moments of unconsciousness between painting planes in the Air Force.

Subsequently, Harrelson, portraying a Navy captain, initiates an impassioned address to his crew regarding the protection of ‘God’s land.’

He talks extensively about the prestigious title of the vessel before disclosing that it is ‘Mr. Dingleberry’s Goochballoon ASDFJKL ; 6969.’.

The crew members voted on a name during a social media poll, and then Mr. Dingleberry, which is the name Harrelson assumes everyone reveals, was chosen.

The absurdly-named underwater vessel is destroyed by the crew, and subsequently, the wife of Harrelson’s character contacts him and ends their relationship because she refuses to be known as ‘Mrs. Dingleberry.’

The tool for screening colon cancer, Cologuard, requires users to mail their lab tests to a box and relieve themselves inside the box. The commercial for Cologuard stars Woody, who talks about the box that tells you to “go”.

‘Empty yourself inside me,’ the box informs Woody. ‘So proceed, and I obtain a different form of gratification. You acquire the contentment of being aware that you are taking all possible measures to safeguard your large intestine, and it is enjoyable for both of us. Let’s go.’

A female variant of the container then inquires if he would prefer to excrete within her.

She inquires, “Would you find it easier to confide in a petite lady such as myself?” “Would that enhance your sense of masculinity?”

Woody is actually hallucinating and high, surrounded by dozens of boxes. He seems to want everyone to see him unleashed. However, the boxes that are moving aren’t actually the ones that he revealed in advance.

In a later episode, Mikey (the director of the movie) tells Day that the studio has decided to scrap their new project, The Hippo, and several actors have been informed.

In the part, an actor named Keith (Harrelson in an enormous overweight costume) discloses that he added 450 pounds in half a year, while the remaining actors complain about coloring their hair and other insignificant concerns.

‘The one after diabetes’ describes Keith’s disease called triabetes, and he reveals he now has it, while the others continue to complain.

The character Harrelson’s couch collapses nearby. On behalf of Keith, the director reveals that Keith could’ve worn a fat suit but he turned down that option.

The cast then tries to make themselves feel better by saying ‘I have’ statements, statements about what they gained for the experience.

When it comes to Keith, he claims he hasn’t seen his genitalia for four months.

Brendan Fraser, the actor who played the Mummy in the film, was nominated for multiple Academy Awards and some actors have referenced his performance when talking about their desire to win.

Harrelson and Bowen Yang portray two characters in one of the concluding scenes at the most opulent gymnasium globally.

Their fitness center showcases a cobblestone treadmill and stationary Vespa, along with several other lavish exercise machines.

As the pair lift light weights, they speak in a series of corny puns while ratcheting up their flirting more and more.

Jack White served as the musical guest during the episode, playing Taking Me Back Gently and A Tip from You to Me.

On Saturday, White performed as a musical guest for the fifth occasion, while Thompson bestowed White with a jacket from the Five-Timers Club at the conclusion of the show, amusingly disregarding Harrelson who appears offended.

Johansson, who is furthermore the spouse of cast member Colin Jost, subsequently hopped onto the stage to bestow Woody with his very own.