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WALTERBORO, South Carolina –.

Alex Murdaugh has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of the murder of his son and wife in South Carolina.

Murdaugh was instructed to serve successive life sentences.

Observe as the judge recites the sentence.

Murdaugh asserted his innocence while speaking to the judge prior to being sentenced.

“I would never harm my wife Maggie and I would never harm my son Paul Paul,” he stated.

Waters Creighton, the prosecutor, stated that none of the victims of the crime, including the relatives and parents of Murdaugh’s wife and family members, wished to speak before the sentencing.

Waters stated, “individuals who adhere to the law should never be permitted to have the freedom that a man like him possesses. The absence of guilt and remorse in his effortless manner of sitting here is what makes these crimes of selfishness, callousness, and depravity so astonishing.”

Prosecutors are requesting a life sentence without the possibility of parole for Murdaugh, who is accused of using his family’s considerable influence in their small county to advantage himself and engage in decades-long acts of theft and deception.

Murdaugh arrived at court Friday in a prison uniform.Output: Murdaugh appeared in court on Friday wearing a prison attire.

View the video of his arrival down below:.

Around 5 p.M., The Department of Corrections in South Carolina shared a fresh photograph on Twitter.

Watch: Attorneys representing Alex Murdaugh address the verdict and sentencing.

SLED conducts press briefing after the sentencing of Alex Murdaugh.

  • Witness the instant when the court announced the guilty verdict for Alex Murdaugh.
  • Alan Wilson and Creighton Waters respond to the guilty verdict of Alex Murdaugh.
  • Learn about the final day of concluding statements here.
  • Video footage below of Murdaugh being escorted from the courthouse:

    The video below shows the reading of the verdict.

    VIdeo below: Attorney General Alan Wilson and Senior Assistant Deputy Attorney General Creighton Waters.

    (The report was contributed by the Associated Press).

    To access summaries of previous trial days, please click on the links provided:

    Day 28:.

    Defense and prosecutors conclude their closing statements in the trial of Alex Murdaugh.

    The judge declares that a juror has been dismissed after conversing about the case with a minimum of 2 individuals.

    Day 27: The state concludes its closing arguments in the Murdaugh trial.

    Day 26: Testimony concludes in the Murdaugh trial, and the jury might commence deliberations on Wednesday.

    The defense wraps up its case on the 25th day, and it is expected that the prosecution will call more witnesses in the sixth week of the Murdaugh trial.

    On the 24th day, Alex Murdaugh concludes his testimony in his trial for the double murder that took place in South Carolina.

    On Day 23 of his trial for two counts of murder, Alex Murdaugh testifies, affirming that he never fired a weapon at his spouse or child at any given moment.

    On the 22nd day, the defense raises doubts about the integrity of the crime scene and suggests the potential testimony of Murdaugh.

    Day 21: Buster Murdaugh testifies in defense’s initial complete day of testimony.

    Day 20: Recently acquired GM OnStar information discloses Murdaugh’s location on the evening of the homicides.

    On the 19th day, Murdaugh admits to misleading the public about the shooting incident that took place on the side of the road in September 2021. Moreover, it was stated that he has been spending as much as $50,000 per week on drugs.

    Day 18: Jurors witness the third SLED interview during the 18th day of the trial of Alex Murdaugh in South Carolina.

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    On the 16th day, the trial of Murdaugh faces potential delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic as the fourth week commences.

    On the fifteenth day of the Murdaugh trial, the defense requested a mistrial from the judge.

    Day 14: Murdaugh’s ex-associate testifies about purported financial offenses in the Murdaugh trial.

    Day 13: The murder trial of Alex Murdaugh was interrupted as the courthouse had to be evacuated, according to the judge.

    The twelfth day marks the occasion when the caretaker of Murdaugh’s mother claims that Murdaugh inaccurately declared the length of time he was in her company on the night of the homicides.

    The caregiver of Murdaugh’s mother claims that on the eleventh day, he falsified the amount of time he was with her during the evening of the homicides.

    Day 10: Murdaugh trial: Testimony connects shell casings discovered near Maggie Murdaugh to others found on the Murdaugh family estate.

    Day 9: The judge evaluates the testimony regarding the purported financial offenses in the Murdaugh trial.

    Day 8: Murdaugh trial: Recent video proof raises doubts about Alex Murdaugh’s alibi.

    Day 7: Prosecutors suggest Murdaugh retrieved his spouse’s phone and dialed it after her demise.

    On the sixth day, Murdaugh’s defense team expresses doubts regarding the reliability of the investigation in the aftermath of the murders of his spouse and child.

    Day 5: Recently published SLED video raises inquiries about Murdaugh’s behavior following the discovery of his spouse and child.

    Day 4: During the first day of the Murdaugh trial, the witness accounts disclose the communication between Murdaugh and the police officers on the evening when the homicides occurred.

    Day 3: Prosecutors: Mobile device locates Murdaugh at family hunting property at the time of his wife and son’s killings.

    On the second day of the Murdaugh trial, a firearms analyst from SLED was permitted to give testimony.

    Day 1: The trial for Alex Murdaugh commences.