Suspect in shooting of six-year-old over stray basketball arrested in Florida

The man from North Carolina, who is accused of shooting a six-year-old girl while playing basketball with her parents, is not resisting being transferred to his home state of Florida after being arrested.

Two days prior, Singletary Louis Robert, a 24-year-old man from Tampa, Florida, made a court appearance on Friday after officials in North Carolina asked him whether he would sign a waiver of extradition, which occurred during his arrest on Thursday.

“Certainly,” Singletary expressed to the Hillsborough county judge Catherine Catlin, as reported by the local news station Fox 13.

The parents and children came to court just two days after Singletary allegedly fired shots at the youths who attempted to retrieve a basketball that rolled into his neighborhood in Gastonia, North Carolina.

According to the Associated Press, neighbor Jonathan Robertson stated, “When I saw him start shooting, I immediately shouted for everyone to take cover and go indoors.” Additionally, he mentioned that he had raised his voice at the kids multiple times ever since Singletary relocated to the community.

The Associated Press informed Carl Hildebrand, the grandfather of Kinsley White, that Kinsley White, a six-year-old girl, sustained an injury on her left cheek while her father, William White, was struck in the back when he hurried to assist her. Ashley Hildebrand, Kinsley’s mother, also sustained an injury on her elbow.

Robert Louis Singletary. Photograph: AP

Both she and her have been released. Kinsley had to have stitches as a result of a bullet fragment lodged in her cheeks. Police in Gaston County, North Carolina said that White remained in a serious condition at a hospital in Charlotte. According to reports.

Officials stated that Singletary had reportedly discharged rounds at a different individual but failed to hit the target. On Thursday afternoon, he turned himself in to the authorities in Tampa after escaping from the state.

Investigators are charging him with one count of possessing a firearm as a convicted criminal. Additionally, he is being charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, with the intention to cause severe harm. Furthermore, he is facing four counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Catlin said that she plans to hold another hearing about Singletary’s arrest if North Carolina officials do not retrieve him by Monday.

In December of last year, Singletary faced charges of assaulting a woman with a sledgehammer and supposedly shooting the Whites and Hildebrand. He had previously been released on bail.

Singletary allegedly assaulted the victim by hitting her in the back of her head with the weapon. According to the victim’s statement to Gastonia police, Singletary then proceeded to confine her within his apartment for a duration exceeding two hours.

According to a report from WSOC-TV in December, it was stated by the police that Singletary refused to let her leave his apartment until she had removed all traces of the assault.

Six days after the shooting, Yarl Ralph Singletary has been charged with the unrelated and separate case of ringing the doorbell of the man in Kansas City, Missouri.

In an unrelated incident on 18 April, the car she was traveling in was mistakenly pulled into the incorrect driveway and subsequently shot and fatally wounded by a resident of upstate New York, a 20-year-old named Kaylin Gillis.

A man in Texas is alleged to have accidentally shot and injured two cheerleaders, Heather Roth and Payton Washington, after almost getting his car parked into. Gillis was killed days later.