Tivly Business Insurance Review (Updated Jun 2023)

Are you already pre-qualified, where the carrier is warm to introduce the profile, and they do intake because of it. Tivly, previously known as (CommercialInsurance.Net), is a popular marketplace for business insurance that helps small business owners find the right carrier insurance for their business.

Key Features of Tivly’s Insurance Marketplace

If you are considering working with Tivly, you should be aware of its key features. Here are some of the high points:.

  • Due to the presence of excellent partners, Tivly can adapt its approach to connecting a new business owner with a particular carrier, thanks to its adaptable targeting capabilities.
  • In order to connect you with the most suitable partner, the representative acquires your company profile prior to matching you with an insurance carrier during the warm transfer call procedure.
  • Tivly has an extensive knowledge base specifically for small business owners to learn more about the works insurance business in their industry.
  • Policy Exclusions

    Every insurance policy has its own set of exclusions. For example, general liability insurance won’t cover injuries to employees. If you get hurt on the premises, you would need workers’ compensation insurance, which the insurance carrier Tivly excludes for on-premises injuries caused by third parties. This is because Tivly is an insurance carrier that outlines specific exclusions in each policy. To find out more about what is covered and the details of the policy, please check with the insurance carrier.

    On-Demand Policy Modifications

    When completing your rider profile, you may be interested in asking the representative about modifications on-demand for riders. Just be aware that exclusions and terms are subject to each carrier’s policy, so they can offer you the best pair with the right carrier.

    Filing a Claim

    Most carriers have a way to file claims online or through a phone number, which expedites and simplifies the process to directly claim and file for small business owners.

    Get Instant Coverage

    Getting insurance coverage for small business owners can be transferred to a partner carrier, and it takes about five minutes to complete the insurance profile. The process of obtaining coverage is quick and simple.

    Best Alternatives to Tivly Business Insurance

    Want to compare quotes with other companies? Here are a few of Tivly’s rivals.


    Hiscox is a leading small business insurance company with over 100 years of experience in the industry. They focus on providing accessible and affordable policies, helping small business owners mitigate common risks and bring knowledge of wealth.



    Thimble is a carrier of small business insurance that specializes in micro policies for gig workers. In addition to offering a traditional 12-month policy, the company also provides on-demand insurance for as little as an hour to cater to the requirements of your clients or vendors.



    CoverWallet is a well-known online platform for the easy management of certificates and policies of insurance. CoverWallet is a small business insurance broker that partners with top-rated insurance companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Employers, CNA, and Chubbs.

    Next Insurance


    Insurance Next is a small business insurance carrier that focuses on providing reasonably priced policies to independent contractors who work with many micro-sized businesses, covering the essential needs that the business requires.



    With simplicity and convenience, Insurance321, a small business insurance marketplace, can offer coverage for virtually any type of business by leveraging its extensive network of over 200 highly-rated partners. This platform connects small business owners with the most suitable insurance provider.

    What Sets Tivly Insurance Apart?

    What sets Tivly apart from its competition is the fact that it has more than 200 carrier partners, all of which are considered the best of the best. Not only are these carriers financially solvent, but they also have top ratings from Best AM. When you work with Tivly, you can rest assured that you will be paired with the right insurance carrier whose representatives have the appropriate professional expertise.

    Cost of Tivly Business Insurance

    The cost of insurance varies from carrier to carrier and policy to policy and includes factors such as annual revenues and claims history, industry, location, and premium rates that can affect your business.

    Tivly business insurance products

    CommericalIInsurance.Net, partnered with a highly regarded carrier, has the capability to provide coverage for virtually any policy required by small business owners. They assist customers with a wide range of frequently requested policies.

    Business owner’s policy

    Small business owners, like the owner of a business owners policy (BOP), can benefit from a commercial property insurance policy that covers first-party losses due to fire or theft, as well as third-party losses, including various types of claims. This policy combines general liability insurance with property insurance.

    General liability insurance

    Landlords may require this policy to protect the small business renting the property, as it can be detrimental if someone slips and damages the property. These policies are often referred to as fall-and-slip policies because they cover the expenses for injuries or property damages caused by third parties. General liability insurance is the type of policy that covers such losses.

    Commercial property insurance

    A commercial property insurance policy covers the contents, inventory, supplies, tools, equipment, and furniture of a business. This policy safeguards against losses due to theft or fire, replacing lost or damaged items.

    Business income insurance

    When a valid claim is made and a company is closed, a business income insurance policy can provide compensation to cover the lost revenues. This particular policy is designed to safeguard a business’s income by enabling it to meet its overhead and expenses, thereby preventing the company from facing financial difficulties as a result of the claim.

    Workers’ compensation insurance

    In most states, at least one business requires compensation for workers. When an employee is injured while working, the insurance pays for the wages lost, rehabilitation expenses, and medical costs, while the employee is recovering and hurt.

    Professional liability insurance

    An insurance liability professional, also known as insurance omissions and errors, is also known as an insurance liability professional. According to professional standards, you alleged that the job you do does not pay claims. Insurance malpractice is a common type of insurance liability professional. You may be required to defend claims that are false, which is part of what the policy pays for.

    Tools and equipment insurance

    If the owner of a business needs to protect their equipment and tools from loss while transporting them to and from job sites, there are also policies known as marine inland policies that they can pay for.

    Commercial Auto Insurance

    An auto commercial insurance policy is specifically underwritten for used vehicles used by businesses. This policy pays for damages to other vehicles or injuries to persons that are caused by the vehicle being hit. Additionally, if the business owner elects to have collision and comprehensive coverage, they will also receive coverage for theft, loss, or damages to their vehicle after an at-fault accident.

    Pros of Tivly Business Insurance

  • When you ask for a quotation, Tivly has over 200 partners that are searched for on your behalf. You will receive the finest policy at the most competitive price. A marketplace of carriers.
  • To obtain a quote easily, you should first connect with a well-informed representative, who will guide you through the process of filling out a straightforward form.
  • Competitive prices: By comparing rates from leading insurance providers, Tivly can obtain the most favorable prices for the most popular policies.
  • Cons of Tivly Business Insurance

  • Tivly is not involved in underwriting or servicing any of the policies you purchase. In order to receive service or file a claim, you will need to directly contact the insurance carrier.
  • Without engaging in conversation with an individual, this can prove exasperating for individuals who have a preference for taking action. It is not entirely conducted via the internet, despite the fact that the procedure is swift and straightforward, not completely online.
  • Tivly vs. Competitors

    Tivly CoverWallet Thimble Hiscox Next Insurance321
    Marketplace Yes Yes No No No Yes
    Quote in 10 minutes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Services policies No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Per gig policies No No Yes No No No

    Summary / Should you purchase Tivly business insurance?

    Another individual can handle the shopping without incurring any additional charges, thus saving time and money for business owners. Small business owners are matched with the most suitable carrier for their requirements, through a brief five-minute questionnaire. Tivly offers business owners a valuable service by guiding and procuring insurance carriers on their behalf.

    My Experience Researching Tivly


    You begin the form by inputting your postal code.


    Then you provide your phone number to be connected with a real person who will conduct an intake survey.


    When looking for insurance carriers for small businesses, we want to know that we are working with the best carriers that our customers are working with. This is why we search for carriers with high ratings, either through marketplaces that have ratings or through carriers that have high ratings on Best AM. We review the key features of the provider and look at how costs are derived to understand why a good customer experience is essential to the quote process and why we go through the test of efficiency of the system.

    Who Shouldn’t Use Tivly?

    Since there is no charge for using the service, a small business owner who is looking for a specific insurance carrier might prefer to go directly to that carrier. Even though CommercialInsurance.Net provides the best marketplace terms for partnering with top insurance companies, Tivly is still a marketplace where they can place any policy with a great carrier without any charges.

    How to get a business insurance policy through Tivly

    It only requires a few additional minutes, which assumes control of the quotation process from that point onward, as the insurer evaluates policies, they will assume control of the quotation process from that point onward. Once finished, Tivly will connect you with the insurance carrier agent they discovered to satisfy your requirements. By filling out the online or phone intake form, small business proprietors can obtain an insurance policy from the Tivly online marketplace in approximately five minutes.

    Eligible Businesses

    Tivly, being a marketplace, has the capacity to underwrite the business by leveraging one of their 200 partners. They have the capability to place challenging-to-insure companies across diverse industries, as there is no type of policy that they are unable to write.

    Insurance Discounts

    In the workplace, keeping a security system or having various protocols with the carrier could result in receiving discounts. Small business proprietors should inquire with the representative about the discounts they qualify for since insurance discounts would vary depending on the carrier. This is precisely why Tivly refrains from promoting any discounts.

    Insurance Cancellation

    If you need to cancel your business insurance for any reason, get in touch with the insurer that you hold the policy with. Reach out to the insurer as Tivly does not underwrite or service policies. You will be refunded any unearned premium, and insurers offer the flexibility to cancel at any time.

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