Walmart employee files $50M lawsuit following Chesapeake mass shooting

Last week, an employee who survived the mass shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake filed a lawsuit against the company, seeking $50 million in damages.

The lawsuit filed by Donya Prioleau claims that she submitted a complaint about the shooting at Walmart two months prior to the incident, in which six employees lost their lives. The Police also state that the shooter died from a self-inflicted wound.

She says that she narrowly avoided being shot and that she was working the night shift. She had been working at the Supercenter Walmart near Chesapeake Boulevard Battlefield more than for Prioleau.

The attorneys John Morgan and Peter Anderson released this statement. The lawsuit was submitted by the law firm Morgan & Morgan on Tuesday, exactly one week following the incident.

“While the cruelty of murdering six defenseless people is truly unimaginable, Ms. Prioleau alleges that she and her coworkers had been concerned for months that such an incident could occur at any time. Our client alleges Walmart acknowledged her written complaint alleging harassment, but continued to employ the perpetrator. As workplace shootings and violence become horrifyingly common, employers have a responsibility to understand the warning signs and take threats seriously in order to protect their employees and customers. Our hearts are broken for the families of those who lost loved ones and for those, like Ms. Prioleau, whose lives will never be the same because of this trauma. We will work to hold Walmart accountable for failing to stop this tragedy.”

The suspect, who had been disciplined in the past for his inappropriate and cruel behavior, continued to work as a shift leader at Walmart despite the lawsuit. However, Walmart acknowledged Prioleau’s complaint against the 31-year-old accused.

The lawsuit is seeking damages of $50 million, listing the alleged suspect’s disturbing pattern of behavior leading up to the deadly mass shooting, which includes making inappropriate and rude comments about Prioleau’s appearance, socioeconomic status, gender, and age in a bizarre manner.

In an attempt to flee, she observed her coworkers being killed while she was in the breakroom at the time of the shooting. Prioleau explains her involvement in the lawsuit.

Prioleau outlines a variety of mental health consequences, such as insomnia, recollections of the incident, intense worry, and disturbing dreams, that she has endured due to the attack. In her complaint, she claims to have experienced severe emotional distress from being targeted with gunfire and witnessing the fatalities of her colleagues.

The complaint claims that if he were ever terminated and disturbingly inquiring about whether employees had completed their active shooter training, the suspect consistently made indirect threats of violence, declaring that individuals will “not forget” his name. Furthermore.

We are anticipating a reply. She directed us to her lawyer. 10 On Your Side contacted Prioleau to obtain a statement regarding the lawsuit.

The corporation offered this through a representative of the company. Walmart contacted WAVY to provide a statement in reply to the legal action.

“The entire Walmart family is heartbroken by the loss of the valued members of our team. Our deepest sympathies go out to our associates and everyone impacted, including those who were injured. We are focused on supporting all our associates with significant resources, including counseling. We are reviewing the Complaint and will be responding as appropriate with the court.”