We Tried Hard Mountain Dew and Kinda Wish We Didn’t

We’ll address that later. Regrettably, none of them contain caffeine or any additional sugar. Each variant combines the well-known Mountain Dew flavor with a fruity taste and alcohol, resulting in a total of five flavors. Livewire, a recently introduced flavor, became available in March 2023. Initially launched in 2022, Hard Mountain Dew is a malt beverage with a 5% alcohol content.

The original flavor of Mountain Dew is citrus, including watermelon, black cherry, and Blast Baja among other flavors. Taco Bell originally created a tropical lime flavor of Mountain Dew (along with other flavors like Blast Baja). Livewire is the newest flavor of Mountain Dew, which has an orange citrus flavor.

Sierra Mist has replaced Starry with new flavors, including other sodas, and Pepsi has been playing with them. During the holiday season, Quake Fruit Dew Mountain hit store shelves, and last summer, Mountain Dew Pickle Dill was released with added alcohol, even before the company decided to get wacky with the flavors of Mountain Dew.

Therefore, when Hard Mountain Dew introduced Livewire, naturally, I had to sample all five varieties.

This is My Opinion

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There are several ways to improve. It tastes quite good. The flavors of this drink are overwhelmingly dominated by an artificial-sweetener chemical, giving it a boozy aftertaste. They made the mistake of only offering flavors with zero-sugar. However, Mountain Dew Hard was designed by someone who made a huge mistake. I’m not opposed to the whole genre of lightly fruity alcoholic drinks, known as alcopops.

The flavor of the malt liquor was the strongest. It also had the taste of the sweetener before the artificial taste took over. At least, I could taste a little citrusy flavor of the regular Mountain Dew before it became like water soaked in a neon-yellow highlighter. It looks like someone soaked it in soda, but the original Hard Mountain Dew flavor is the best I found.

Once more, the flavor of the artificial sweetener was overpowering, yet the Livewire, the fresh variant, came in as my second preferred choice. It has an aroma reminiscent of Orange Crush soda and a flavor resembling tangerines.

They now know that both Ranchers and Jolly Ranchers tasted too artificial and chemical sweetener-like. Specifically, they tasted the flavors of cherry black and watermelon.

I had high hopes for Blast Baja, as it tasted like a factory chemical explosion and had a pleasant medicine-like scent, similar to a pretty teal/turquoise drink.

If I could find a lab where I could create a full-sugar version, I would fight my way through hordes of zombies and then choose the original flavor of Mountain Dew Hard in a post-apocalyptic world, if there was nothing else to drink.

Where Can I Find Hard Mountain Dew?

If you’re wondering why it’s not available in your state, it’s probably because each state has different laws pertaining to the distribution of alcohol. Right now, we don’t know which states allow Mountain Dew Hard to be sold, but the company promises that more states will be coming soon. Currently, it’s only available in Las Vegas, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, and Iowa, and not everyone can get it.

If Hard Mountain Dew is available in your state or city, you should be able to find the original four flavors, each packaged in sets of three cans. These sets can either contain a 12-pack of 12-ounce cans or 24-ounce single-serve cans.

If you want to mix liquor with a decent choice of soda, you can spike and enhance the original taste of a can of Mountain Dew by yourself. I can’t really recommend Mountain Dew Hard as more than a one-time novelty purchase, but back in the 1980s when I was coming of age, I used to enjoy cheap wine coolers. I’m not a liquor snob.

Understood, I possess a concept for Mountain Dew’s upcoming advertisement in case they require one. Following a conversation with a friend who works as a ski instructor and mentioned that “they are willing to consume any beverage,” I decided to give away the remaining Mountain Dew to the instructors. Regarding Hard Mountain Dew,