What Dog Can Kill A Coyote? | 15 Dogs Can Kill Coyote

Depending on the dog’s breed, it has the potential to harm dogs, but it is particularly notorious for preying on domesticated animals, posing a greater threat than other wild creatures.

It belongs to the Canidae family. Here is some information about the coyote.

  • Coyote’s dimensions.
  • Height 58 – 66 centimeters.
  • The measurement ranges from 76 to 86 centimeters.
  • Weight: 6.8 – 21 kilograms.
  • Does an active and physically fit dog have a better chance of winning the other Coyote beating by chance? Does one have greater chances to win this fight, considering the matter of powers and age? Can a dog kill a Coyote? Yes.

    It frightens everyone, and its noise is excessively loud when it barks. They are highly dangerous creatures, canines that have the ability to eliminate a coyote.

    Living in the western United States and being a dog owner, one is constantly concerned about Coyotes attacking.

    Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the Dog owner to make sure that their four-legged friend is in optimal condition and stays physically engaged.

  • Life expectancy ranges from 10 to 13 years.
  • Height ranging from 15 to 110cm.
  • 15 Dogs Breeds That Can Kill Coyote

    Dog Breed Height Weight Likelihood of Killing
    The Great Pyrenees 25-32 Inches 85-160 lbs High
    Anatolian Shepherd 27-32 Inches 80-150 lbs High
    Kangal 28-32 Inches 90-145 lbs High
    Pyrenean Mastiff 24-31 Inche 130-200 lbs High
    Komondor 25.5-30 Inches 80-120 lbs High
    Kuvasz 26-30 Inches 70-115 lbs High
    Dogo Argentino 24-26.5 Inches 88-100 lbs High
    Tosa Inu 21.5-23.5 inches 100-200 lbs High
    Pitbulls 17-19 inches 40-80 lbs Low to Moderate
    Cane Corso 23.5-27.5 inches 90-120lbs High
    Irish Wolfhound 30-33.5 inches 100-130 lbs High
    The Alabai 24-28 inches 88-125 lbs High
    Rottweiler 24 to 27 inches  95 to 130 lbs High
    Akbash 27 to 34 inches 75 to 140 lbs High
    Sarplaninac 56 to 62 inches 75 to 140 lbs High

    The Great Pyrenees:

    The great Pyrenees
    Source: dailypaws

    Their appearance is enough to keep them away. They are the best to protect against coyotes; the Great Pyrenees is known for their large size.

    The fur of the animal has a combination of black and white color, with shading around the eyes, paws, tips of the ears, and markings on the face, making it look beautiful.

    In the battle, Pyrenees emerge victorious by eliminating untamed and perilous creatures in order to safeguard numerous companion animals and human lives. They have gained a reputation for their exceptional hunting skills.

    Anatolian Shepherd:

    Anatolian Shepherd
    Source: be.chewy

    Anatolian shepherds are used in livestock farming as guardians. They do a great job of ensuring coyotes stay away from their flock.

    Coyotes ought to vanish, thus they become more substantial and sufficient to safeguard livestock, and their dimensions and mass assist them in combat.


    It is another indigenous canine that is utilized to safeguard against dangerous predators.

    Source: kangaldogclubofamerica

    The Kangal is ideal if you possess a prominent property owner and require a canine to safeguard it.

    They were born to protect humans and other creatures. It’s inherent in their character.

    The Coyotes eliminate them. They are the utmost faithful and dauntless canines. When required, they possess a assertive disposition, bravery, and remarkable intellect, which grants them renown.

    Pyrenean Mastiff:

    Pyrenean Mastiff
    Source: wikipedia

    It is known throughout history as a war dog, the Mastiff is a giant dog with a muscular body that protects your home whenever a coyote attacks.

    They are utilized for hunting. Some hunters have experienced successes employing this canine to pursue coyotes.


    Source: petfinder

    They are recognized for their physical appearance, which resembles a mop, as they have curly masses of hair on their heads. Livestock guardians are also employed for this purpose.

    They possess exceedingly lengthy white coats that nearly conceal their visages.

    It provides protection from the nocturnal assault of the Coyote, and inflicts severe harm upon them.


    Source: dailypaws

    Kuvasz is a type of livestock guardian dogs with a white coat.

    They are renowned for their bravery and faithfulness in protecting sheep from wolves, bears, and cattle thieves.

    Kuvasz is regarded as one of the most stunning dog breeds, in part because of their unique coloring and impressive appearance.

    Dogo Argentino:

    Dogo Argentino:
    Source: dogtime

    Dogo Argentino is the white muscular canine and is most commonly found in Argentina.

    They have a friendly demeanor, making it easy for strangers to trust them immediately. Their owner can assign them various tasks easily because they are exceptionally intelligent.

    Tosa Inu:

    Tosa Inu
    Source: dailypaws

    They are very great guardians of dogs and are strangers to dangerous people. Tosa Inu is a Japanese breed of dog known for its reproduction.

    With adequate instruction, the breed can safeguard you and your family from the danger posed by any untamed creatures.

    When unfamiliar individuals come to your residence, they may exhibit hostility unless the proprietors have adequately instructed them. The individual in question experiences joy when bonding with household members and displays a great deal of affection.


    Pitbulls are used as fighting dogs more often than coyotes. They have strong jaws and are short-haired and muscular.

    Source: allthingsdogs

    It is a ferocious creature compared to others, and They are the most mistreated and disregarded canines.

    Larger animals can be detrimental to other creatures. However, they consistently prioritize the safety of their kin. He is more of a companion to an intricate animal ecosystem.

    Cane Corso:

    Cane Corso
    Source: thesprucepets

    The dogs, known as “workhorses,” will not stop until they find something exciting or new, which makes perfect security for them.

    It were trained and prepared for it, I think the Cane Corso would win if they came up to fight a coyote.

    Irish Wolfhound:

    Irish Wolfhound
    Source: thesprucepets

    The Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is a fascinating place to visit for people of all ages.

    They possess greater abilities in hunting and power in combat.

    They are renowned for their speed and stature in hunting.

    Intelligence, kindness, and great devotion are some of the qualities that you can anticipate in an Irish Wolfhound.

    The Alabai:

    Source: mishkagrooming

    The Alabai is a well-known livestock guardian dog, renowned for its ultimate strength, power, and agility in fighting off attacks from wild animals. It is considered the best dog to scare away coyotes and protect livestock.

    They are vigilant, self-assured, and self-reliant. They are not amicable towards individuals.


    Source: dailypaws

    A Rottweiler is stronger and larger than a Coyote.

    If they are attacked, they have more chances to attain it, which is also an angry, more substantial, and more complex animal.

    The Rottweiler has a high probability of emerging victorious.


    Source: dogbreedslist

    It is a big canine that is utilized to prevent livestock casualties.

    They are excellent protectors and herding canines against predators.

    They are strong and battle with coyotes to defend others.


    Source: forloveoflivestock

    The Sarplaninac’s massive size, combined with its dense, dark-colored coat, contributes to its overall appearance. Additionally, this breed is commonly utilized as a guardian dog.

    They are extremely defensive and will take extensive measures to protect their family. Moreover, they possess vast expertise, which makes training them a breeze.

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