What Is a Field Goal In Basketball?

  • The term basketball field goal can encompass a broad spectrum of shots, ranging from a slam dunk to a three-point shot.
  • The accuracy rate of basketball field goals is an extremely important statistic in identifying some of the best players in the game of basketball.
  • There are several types of goals in the sport of basketball. Most people would assume that a goal in basketball is the same thing as a jump shot. However, the answer is not as dry and cut as that. Many novice basketball fans have asked what a goal in basketball is, assuming that it is the same thing as a field goal in football. The question of what a goal in basketball is can be confusing, as there are different skills involved in the game, such as shooting, defense, rebounding, and dribbling. The terminology in basketball can be overwhelming, especially for fans new to the sport. However, it is important to understand that the terminology is specific to the sport and can be confusing in any sport.

    The definition of what constitutes a field goal in basketball can be summarized as follows: a field goal is any attempt by a player to score, excluding free throws. Field goal percentage is a significant individual statistic in organized basketball. Players with a high field goal percentage typically score in double digits per game. This percentage is determined by dividing the number of successful field goals by the number of attempts and then multiplying by 100. For instance, a player who attempted 10 shots and made 4 of them would have a field goal percentage of 40%. This statistic is essential for teams when evaluating players they may potentially draft or trade for.