What to Do if a Terrorist Buys your Plumbing Truck

Displayed on the driver side door were the plumbing company’s name and phone number, and so did the photo quickly go viral.

The business that now reports to Google is relocated. He sued the car dealership for a million dollars the following year after settling out of court. At the end of the week, he had to close up shop and move out of town for safety reasons. He was visited by the FBI for security reasons and received about a dozen death threats, being bombarded with interview requests. His personal and business phone numbers were bombarded with thousands of hate prank calls. The fallout had terrible consequences for his family and the plumber.

Several enterprises encounter such a predicament, yet there are not numerous exceptional approaches to address such a distressing situation, particularly when it persists and jeopardizes the safety of your loved ones.

Today, we wanted to challenge ourselves by taking action that we would recommend as the best course of action. If one of our clients was Plumbing Mark-1, what would we recommend in order to possibly get something good out of this once-in-a-lifetime event and also save his business from disaster?

Let’s discover.

1. Enter into a state of lockdown and prioritize your safety

All it requires is one of them to cause significant harm. Individuals instantly start to respond emotionally upon mere mention of terrorism. Ensuring safety becomes the utmost priority.

Mr. Oberholtzer’s initial response was to shut down his business and depart from the town temporarily, which was the correct decision.

Additionally, reaching out to a private security company to safeguard his residence, workplace, and other assets would have been a viable choice. It remains uncertain whether he could have evaded encounters with the FBI and Homeland Security. Moreover, we suggest considering whether Mark took the initiative to inform the local law enforcement, although the details are ambiguous.

2. Reuse the telephone number

There are good chances that the number of people who are harassed will continue to increase in the coming years, months, or weeks. Unfortunately, it was too late to put the genie back in the bottle. The final episode of The Colbert Report showed a main business phone number that has been shown to 2.5 million viewers.

As the narrative unfolds, it ought to be simple to modify that salutation gradually. Even more preferable, there should exist a voicemail salutation that succinctly outlines Mark’s perspective of the situation, yet refrains from causing any phones to ring. Ideally, we would suggest transforming it into a cul-de-sac, regardless of whether it was Mark’s mobile number, a workplace number, or a call-forwarding number; this information remains unknown to us.

Meanwhile, Mark would also need to acquire a fresh phone number for the company, as well as for any media-related questions.

Since thousands of people called to accuse Mr. Oberholtzer of supporting terrorism, we would recommend donating to a charity such as Project Warrior that supports wounded veterans.

It could be a great opportunity to build a positive reputation for them, so we could ask them to amplify the story and also contact the charity. We wouldn’t be alone in making enough news, knowing that anyone who believed in supporting terrorism would have a much harder time after learning about the donation made by Plumbing Mark-1.

Instead of suing the car dealership, he could also approach them and ask for the opportunity to donate his PR positive donation to a charity, which would give the dealership a chance to publicize and help him in turn, how to turn a negative into a positive.

4. Share your narrative on Facebook

Mark took the next step to publicly share his story on Facebook, while Marian and Paul had a few problems with the story posted on page Mark-1.

Despite the accuracy of all the particulars, if the story does not originate directly from Mark’s account, it will lack credibility and appear to be slightly detached from the truth, even if someone else assists him in composing it.

The “view additional content” hyperlink conceals a substantial amount of the significant details. It can be challenging to grasp the main idea at first glance due to the multitude of data points, hashtags, and references included within the post. Furthermore.

The story of Plumbing Mark-1 still continues, sounding like it could be in the wrong. Later in the week, federal officials from Homeland Security arrived at Plumbing Mark-1 to question Oberholtzer and his staff. The post doesn’t have a clear narrative, only a real conclusion.

With all of that considered, we would have assisted Mark in composing his perspective. Ideally, it would:

  • Begin with a synopsis, so that anyone can comprehend the narrative at a quick glance.
  • Mark ought to present himself as a logical individual who encountered a challenging situation. He ought to abstain from assaulting anyone, including the extremists.
  • If readers were also encouraged to donate by announcing the donation at the end of the story, it would be a great way to put that energy to good use.
  • Once it went live, we would have pinned the story to the top of his page, and helped him handle the replies.

    5. Obtain a website

    Alright, I might have a slight bias (since we primarily create websites for plumbers), but I believe it is an essential measure.

    It wouldn’t have to be anything extravagant. In fact, a single page website would be perfectly acceptable, just this one time.

    Yelp and Google don’t have great places to feature a long statement from the company, so those options aren’t good either. If you hadn’t put out a statement from the company, it would have been easy to think that all the news stories about his truck were buried among the stories on a Facebook page that you saw only when you Googled “Mark-1 plumbing.” While the post on Facebook could have told the whole story, a Facebook page doesn’t have the same legitimacy as the company’s official website.

    In order to ensure maximum visibility, we would have connected it to his various other profiles. Subsequently, we would have created a straightforward webpage that reiterated the content from his Facebook post and incorporated a link for donations to the charitable organization. However, we decided against this approach.

    6. Conduct a significant interview

    USA Today, CBS, NBC, and Inside Edition all reportedly requested interviews with Mark, but he declined them.

    We would have encouraged him to accept them.

    The Plumbing Mark-1 has had the opportunity to rebrand as the golden chance to make his name clear. It would not only have been a chance, but it could have made all the difference. Just taking one of those interviews could have made a significant impact.

    7. Obtain the hyperlinks and utilize them.

    Now comes the enjoyable section.

    Additionally, he could easily obtain sources from various links. He could easily obtain links from other blogs, news publications, and media outlets, which would provide expanded coverage. It wouldn’t be too difficult for him to get a couple of those stories linked to his website. It’s almost guaranteed that they would have covered those online stories. If Mark had done interviews with Inside Edition, NBC, CBS, and Today USA,

    How many plumbing professionals have ever received that level of exposure?

    In the entire Houston region, the plumbing company that ranked first could have easily transformed into Mark-1 Plumbing. The necessary references were established, some on-page SEO was done, and once we expanded his website, Mark would have gained a significant advantage in SEO because links are crucial for its success.

    Month per traffic new in traffic per $100,000 than more earned have could Plumbing Mark-1 that shock a be shouldn’t yet Houston in repair heater water tankless “like keywords specific to gotten even haven’t we and keyword different completely a as treated is plumbers” Houston that learn you Once month per traffic additional in up to generated have could keyword one that even so job) or call phone per not (click per, click per $40 about costs AdWords Google on keyword that targeting. Month per searches 300 over get “Houston plumbing” like Keywords:Plumbing Mark-1 in Houston could potentially earn more than $100,000 per month from new traffic generated by specific keywords. It is important to note that plumbers in Houston are treated differently depending on the keyword. Therefore, it is crucial to learn about these keywords. By targeting a specific keyword, you could generate additional traffic and potentially increase earnings. For example, the keyword “Houston plumbing” receives over 300 searches per month. It is also worth mentioning that the cost per click on Google AdWords for this keyword is approximately $40.

    (Interesting fact: the present leader in Houston produces website visitors valued at over $270,000 per month, as reported by Ahrefs.)

    Looking back, things are much clearer

    It is easy, of course, to give advice in hindsight when you are receiving death threats and your 35-year-old company is in jeopardy. You should not expect one decision to make you perfect, no. Homeland Security is knocking down your door and the old company is in jeopardy.

    Finding someone who can help you navigate through these kinds of situations, where you can ideally turn lemons into lemonade and find surprising solutions to most of your problems, is ultimately what you can do to help counter bad PR for your local SEO company before they happen.