Where Is Jim Bob Duggar Now? Everything To Know About The ’19 Kids And Counting’ Patriarch

Relying On, its spin-off, and 19 Kids and Counting, two TV series on TLC from 2008 to 2021, featured the Duggars, a family of 21 individuals consisting of parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and their 19 offspring. The previously adored family’s personal life reveals somber and personal information in Amazon Prime’s Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets.

People Happy Shiny delves into the behind-the-scenes life of the Duggar family, particularly their ultra-conservative religious beliefs and the practice of IBLP, or the Basic Life Principles Institute. The documentary highlights the point that their philosophies in IBLP faith and parenting are extremely conservative, making them dangerous and problematic.

The religious institution emerged as prominent and influential figures within the IBLP, despite being established by Bill Gothard (a clergyman who was subsequently removed due to allegations of sexual assault), Michelle, 56, and Jim Bob Duggar, 57.

This is all the information you should be aware of regarding Jim Bob Duggar, encompassing his position as a prominent figure in the IBLP and his present place of residence.

In 2014, Gothard was removed from his position as the head of the organization after he asserted that he would campaign to become the next patriarch of the Duggar family, claiming to be a former friend.

According to the IBLP website, Jim Bob is not mentioned in its roster of directors, while Bill Gothard remains acknowledged as the founder and head of the organization. It is uncertain whether Jim Bob holds any leadership role within the IBLP, but TIME magazine asserts that he serves as the organization’s leader.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar consistently advocate for IBLP principles and participate as speakers in their events. Michelle recently offered her congratulations to their son, Jackson, for successfully completing Phase 1 at the ALERT Academy, which is a ministry affiliated with IBLP.

The Duggar Family issued a statement regarding Shiny Happy Individuals.

The website posted a statement from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, addressing the content of the recent documentary that discusses their family. The statement expresses sadness as it reveals the media and individuals with malicious intentions hurting their loved ones. Every instance of the word “documentary” in the statement is quoted.

“We can all do our best to have a good relationship and love every member of our family. We have always believed that the best chance to reconcile differences and repair damaged relationships is through love in a private setting.”

He campaigned for the Arkansas State Senate in 2021.

In November 2021, Bob Jim Duggar, who had previously served as a representative for the state legislature of Arkansas from 1999 to 2001, ran for the State Senate in Arkansas. However, in the same year in April, his son Josh was arrested for the possession of child pornography, which caused significant controversy.

Jim Bob, in a statement declaring his intention to run for office, expressed that “cancel culture” and the extremist faction on the left aim to prevent our active participation in politics. They argue that due to the challenges our family has encountered, we should withdraw; this is why they frequently exhibit relentless cruelty. However, we cannot remain passive spectators during a period when one of America’s most crucial conflicts is unfolding!

He subsequently lost the primary competition following Josh Duggar’s conviction for the possession and acquisition of child pornography in December 2021.

He continues to reside in Arkansas with Michelle and the majority of his offspring.

Based on the information provided on the family’s website, it appears that the Duggar family still resides in Tontitown, Arkansas. However, some of the Duggar children, such as Jinger and Jill, live separately from their family but still maintain contact.

Jill Duggar has described her relationship with her father as “toxic” and says she doesn’t communicate with him much in 2021. However, in April 2023, Jessa Duggar Seewald, formerly known as Duggar, shared a photo of all the Duggar women getting coffee together. This information was reported by E! News.

Jinger Duggar, formerly known as Vuolo, wrote in her book, “Free Becoming,” that she has a good relationship with her family, although some members of the IBLP may disagree with her entertainment choices, as per teachings.

He recently undertook a 40-day bone broth cleanse.

Jim Bob persisted with his fast for a minimum of 35 days (and intended to extend it to 40) after recognizing that his weight “wasn’t conducive to good health.” In October 2022, he documented his experience on his blog. Initially, he had intended to fast for a period of 1-3 days.

In his post, he expressed, “Approximately three weeks prior to commencing this fasting period, I gazed into the mirror and beseeched the divine assistance of God to aid me in discovering a method to shed excess pounds.”

He is valued at $3.5 million.

The financial control of the Duggar family’s finances, particularly their earnings from TLC, was a major focal point in the documentary. Bob Jim, the patriarch, is currently estimated to have a net worth of $3.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.