Who Has Shailene Woodley Dated? The Star Has Some Famous Exes

In February 2021, speculations of a romantic relationship between Woodley and Rodgers started circulating. “According to an insider who spoke to E! News, the couple has chosen to maintain a level of privacy and discretion.” They have spent time together and kept in contact. Whenever possible, they make an effort to communicate and meet up. While they prioritize their respective careers, they still prioritize each other as well.

I was engaged in playing the entire season without many fans in the stands, experiencing 180 straight days of memorable and amazing moments, filled with change, growth, and lots of craziness. 2020 was definitely a crazy year. It’s an honor to win this award for the third time. While accepting the NFL MVP 2020 award during the NFL Honors broadcast, Aaron Rodgers surprised fans by announcing his engagement just a few days later.

It was confirmed that the actor was on his way to getting married with Rodgers. While he didn’t mention Woodley by her name, People later thanked his “future wife” for supporting his career. The publication informed a source that “They are extremely content together.” Alright, now you know when he proposed so fast, it’s not surprising, right?

In February 2021, Woodley discussed the engagement publicly for the first time during her appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. She expressed, “You know, it’s not recent news for us. So, it’s quite amusing. Currently, everyone is getting worked up about it, and we’re thinking, ‘Yeah, we’ve been betrothed for quite some time’.”

“However, she expressed, ‘He excels in that particular skill.’ As a young girl, I never envisioned myself saying, ‘Yes, when I become an adult, I will unite with an individual who hurls spherical objects! Absolutely not!’ Additionally, I never anticipated being committed to an individual who professionally tosses balls,” she confessed, acknowledging her surprise at falling for a football player. “Above all, he is an extraordinary, fantastic person.

According to the source, the couple’s relationship came to an end. Despite the lack of animosity and drama, they will maintain a friendly connection as they have decided to cancel their engagement. The publication stated that their busy professional lives and various challenges were the reasons behind their relationship fading away. People magazine reported this information in February 2022, a year later.