Florida Man April 22 – Violence for Breakfast

These stories will not judge you for having the same birthday as April 22nd, so please do not take the narratives too personally. Today, we will explore the accounts of the individual known as Florida Man.

BROWARD COUNTY. Fla. – Two adolescent boys were cruising around Pembroke Pines and that angered our Florida Man.

The Miami Herald reported that the police stated that a pair of teenagers were driving through a gated neighborhood, which greatly disturbed Mario Perez, a 49-year-old man from Southern Florida, who witnessed a black convertible.

As per the report, Perez continued to tail them but they began to drive off, concerned for their well-being. The driver briefly halted, and Perez commenced shouting at them. The adolescents, aged 15 and 19, were pursued by Perez.

Perez, the young driver, instructed him to remove the key from the ignition and gestured towards the firearm he was holding. He then stepped out of his vehicle, still brandishing the weapon, while the teenagers halted at the community’s exit gate.

The driver, a teenager named Perez, had been instructed by the passenger to shoot the driver or turn the car around within ten seconds. The passenger, holding a gun to Perez’s neck, then punched the passenger’s neck and walked towards the passenger’s side of the car. Perez retaliated by punching the driver.

Reports stated that the driver once more struck Perez in the face and declared, “If I ever lay eyes on you again, I will end your life,” as Perez started to walk away.

The occurrence was promptly communicated to the authorities by the teenagers. Perez, as informed by the Herald, is being charged with assault using a lethal instrument without the intention to cause harm and aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon.

Florida Man April 22, 2018 – Fatally Wounded 4 Individuals Using Machete

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. – A 22-year-old suspect is guilty of killing his aunt, her pregnant daughter, and her boyfriend with a machete.

In the year 2015, Brian Hyde brutally murdered four individuals with a machete inside their residence located in Lehigh Acres. The individuals who tragically lost their lives were identified as Dorla Pitts, aged 37, who happened to be the suspect’s own daughter, Starlette Pitts, aged 17, and her unborn child who was six months along in the womb, as well as her 19-year-old boyfriend, Michael Deon Kelly.

Authorities stopped Hyde for driving in a reckless manner.

Starlette’s fetus has been charged with additional murder, as prosecutors have added it to the case. After nearly three hours of deliberation on Friday, the jury found Hyde guilty of four counts of second-degree murder.

He will be convicted on June 11th, where he confronts a life sentence.

Florida Man April 22, 2020 – Assaulted His Roommate For Disturbing His Sleep for Morning Meal

The man in Florida got so angry that he slammed the 69-year-old victim to the ground when he woke him up, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

The morning meal was prepared when his housemate tapped on his entrance to inform him that Clay Walters, the 62-year-old individual under suspicion, was resting in the bed just before 5 a.M. On Thursday.

Walters became upset as his roommate started yelling at him and threw him on the kitchen floor, continuing to hit him, which woke him up.

According to the report, Walters returned to his room after the assaults until the authorities arrived.

As per the reports, there were two blood droplets on the kitchen floor too. The injured individual had lacerations and contusions on his arm.

However, while refuting the accusation of assaulting him, he confessed to forcefully bringing his roommate down to the ground. According to the deputies, Walters remained composed, although he was visibly distressed about the altercation.

They have an additional housemate who overheard the disagreement and some commotion but did not witness the altercation.

Walters was apprehended for the offense of aggravated assault against an individual aged 65 or above.

Concluding Remarks