The Affair of the Lightning-Bolt Necklace


At this juncture, Sandoval and Ariana Madix, who have been in a romantic relationship for two years, converse about Leviss’s relocation with Lala Kent. Leviss is arriving to reside with Kennedy in his cramped apartment with a makeshift partition, introduced as a beauty queen. Leviss makes her initial appearance on Vanderpump Rules as James Kennedy’s fresh partner on November 7, 2016.

Sandoval and Kennedy organize “Rachella,” a small-scale music festival where Kennedy pops the question to Leviss, thanks to the financial support received in May 2021. Leviss, whose original name is Rachel, which conveniently rhymes with Rachella, clearly references the popular Coachella festival that is adored by Sandoval, Madix, Leviss, and Kennedy.

Leviss maintains custody of their mutual canine companion, Graham. “Although we still have a deep affection for one another, our romantic love has dissipated,” the message conveyed. “After the amazing five years we spent together, we concluded that our aspirations diverge and have mutually agreed to end our engagement,” Kennedy and Leviss declared in a collective statement disclosing their separation. December 5, 2021.

Secret Operations

Coachella was not even on April 2nd. Tom will not take a break from spreading rumors this spring.

On her podcast, Sex, Love, and What Else Matters, Kristen Doute said she believes this was the true start of the affair.

On August 2, 2022, Sandoval claims that the affair began when Leviss interrupts a gathering of men and feels intimidated enough to end the outing early in Lake Havasu. The rest of the women proceed to go the following day. After receiving a call from Sandoval informing her that her dog, Charlotte, is likely nearing death during the Vegas portion of the trip, Madix decides to depart to take care of her pet. Madix, Leviss, Kent, Katie Maloney, and Kristina Kelly embark on a girls’ excursion to Las Vegas and Lake Havasu.

Leviss, during part two of the reunion, expresses, “Those were emotions that I hadn’t truly experienced perhaps before,” after unexpectedly joining the guys’ night, Sandoval made her feel “listened to.” Madix mentions in part three of the reunion that she wishes Charlotte torments Leviss for her actions.

During the reunion, Leviss confirms multiple times that she hooked up with Davies and Brock at Scheana’s wedding. Sandoval and Leviss also start having sex regularly, as Leviss mentions in her final confessional. Schwartz also reveals that he thought it was a one-time mistake, but then he found out about the hookup between Leviss and the guys the night after. Leviss also kisses Schwartz on-camera at the wedding.

According to Jax Taylor, Sandoval was present at the party alongside Leviss. Shay’s vlogs later reveal that Sandoval was not making an effort, but Sandoval argues that he was unable to secure an Uber from Long Beach. Instead of providing support to Madix on Labor Day 2022, Sandoval chooses to attend a Labor Day party after the passing of his grandmother.

In September 2022, cracks seem to emerge as the story begins. In the morning, at the Abbey, Sandoval and Leviss spot Lewber Ally, Kennedy’s new girlfriend, dancing. When questioned about it, Madix and Leviss deny anything fishy going on, but Sandoval reveals that they had been having sex since the first reunion of season ten.

In the final confession, Leviss confirms that she had sex with Sandoval throughout the night at her grandmother’s funeral. Madix was there and confirms it as well, but Sandoval denies it. Madix then says that Sandoval “dipped out”. Lisa Vanderpump tells Leviss in episode 13 that she spent the night at Sandoval’s because she had a late shift at SUR.

In the finale of season ten, Leviss buys a lightning-bolt necklace from the Moonbeams & Polkadots boutique in L.A. As a secret token of their love, confirming something that fans speculate about – Leviss and Sandoval wearing matching lightning-bolt necklaces as a symbol of their reunion. Additionally, Sandoval uses a lot of lightning-bolt imagery in his stagewear, sidecar, and his matching motorcycle with the TomTom logo adorned with bolts.

He says that their affair began when they were in the final season of VPR. Leviss is seen riding on Sandoval’s shoulders to get a better view of the stage at Las Vegas’s Beautiful Life Festival on September 20, 2022.

“Andy said, ‘It’s crazy,’ while Sandoval and I are both amazed by how we can see Ariana in front of us and Raquel standing behind. I’m also standing there and it was a horror to look back later and see that something was going on with Cohen’s performance. Most of the extras and Sandoval watch Cohen adoringly while Andy and Madix show up at BravoCon in October 16, 2022, wearing TomTom hoodies.”

In retrospect, Madix states that Sandoval even assisted him with his “insane” requests and outfit during the three-part reunion, including his behavior and attire.

According to Ariana in the post-finale episode of Watch What Happens Live, Sandoval’s family has not contacted her since the Scandoval broke. The tabloid states that his parents did not endorse his undisclosed new relationship. Leviss verified this during the last five minutes of part three of the reunion, as TMZ reported in December 2022 when Sandoval brought her to his hometown of St. Louis to introduce her to his family.

During Sandoval’s individual interview with Cohen, this is the moment when Sandoval reveals that he informed Schwartz about the romantic involvement, specifically in January 2023. Schwartz claims that this is the time when Sandoval confessed his deep affection for Leviss.

Shay states in the same reunion episode that during that entire month, Madix and Sandoval were becoming “closer” and had been putting effort into improving their relationship.

He should have tried harder, but when Sandoval tried to come clean with Madix, he says that this made him very uncomfortable and that he feels that Leviss’s inclusion in Sandoval’s last-minute podcast interview with Schwartz, Cartwright, Brittany, and Taylor Jax sprung up on him. Raquel “Kennedy counters that even though it was not a double date, but rather a platonic snowboarding trip, it still backs him up and makes him hate snowboarding. Schwartz asserts that it was not a reunion, but rather the first part of season ten, and Maloney says “together! Bear Big went on a vacation with Jo and Leviss allegedly this month. Also, Toms The

Leviss and Sandoval also discussed on the podcast how they felt about putting people in a position where they felt like they were being put in a position that they didn’t know what to do or how to act.

Leviss expresses her belief that Sandoval is more attractive than Schwartz due to his well-defined abdominal muscles. This statement unsettles Cohen and her co-guest, Shay, during their appearance on WWHL on March 1, 2023, around 5 PM PT.


“‘Because Tom never would have told me the truth.'”, Leviss states during her individual interview with Cohen. Leviss claims on Frankel’s podcast that Shay pushed her against a wall and “punched” her in the eye. Some form of physical altercation occurs between her and Shay, Leviss confesses, on two separate phone calls with Sandoval and Madix on one side and Leviss and Shay on the other, the entire situation gets discussed. Madix contacts Leviss, who is out with Shay after WWHL, Leviss asserts that the FaceTime recordings were taken without her consent on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast. Madix discovers explicit recordings of Sandoval and Leviss on Sandoval’s phone at a Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras show at TomTom, March 1, 2023, around 9 PM PT.

On the night of March 3rd, Sandoval and Madix’s house, which was previously seen as a former member of the cast, became the focus of attention. In a collective move on Instagram, Leviss and Sandoval unfollowed the cast of VPR. Sandoval’s actions were soon made public.

Sandoval and Leviss were seen filming at her residence that evening. The video footage that initiated this entire situation was captured without her permission, and the intention is to assert that Leviss was a target. DeuxMoi receives a leak of Leviss’s purported crisis public relations plan on the very same day. On March 4, 2023, Sandoval apologizes to Schwartz and his associates at Schwartz & Sandy’s.

On March 5, 2023, Leviss sends a message expressing regret to Madix. It doesn’t receive a positive response!

Tonight Entertainment has sent a letter to Darrell Miller, Kent’s lawyer, reminding him of California’s laws on revenge-porn and consent filming. However, the PR strategy letter was leaked to DeuxMoi, which undermines the narrative. In addition, Kent also shares letters with other cast members on her Instagram Stories. Leviss files a protection order against Shay, which complicates the filming reunion on March 23, 2023.

In March, during the filming of the season ten reunion, Sandoval and Leviss are attacked from all sides after both prodding and calling Madix’s notes an “abomination.” Following the tense filming, Sandoval takes Leviss to dinner at the same place they had their ninth anniversary in January, where they say they are in love.

Now “nobody” has she really experienced that and out comes this when she is angry, Sandoval says that Leviss admits it eventually but she resists admitting it while she is away for Christmas at Louis St. Traveling to Mexico and sleeping with Sandoval. The producers coached her to break out of Sandoval’s timeline during the final confessionals filming of season 10, which Leviss Raquel films on March 29, 2023.

On April 14, 2023, a spokesperson for Leviss notifies People that she has willingly registered in a center for therapy pertaining to her emotional well-being.

He expressed, “THEY PREFER TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE PESSIMISM AND DRAMA THAT HAS OVERWHELMED MY LIFE. BUT THAT IS CLEARLY UNTRUE. THEY ASSERT TO BE A SAFE HAVEN FOR HEALTH AND IMPROVEMENT.” He claims that his intention was to check in to the spa, denying that Leviss would accompany him. On April 18, 2023, Sandoval criticizes Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa on Instagram for “THEIR CHOICE TO POST ON THEIR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT THIS PAST WEEKEND IMPLYING THAT I WOULD BE STAYING THERE THIS WEEK.”

On May 6, 2023, during a performance by Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras, he wears a costume adorned with thunderbolt patterns and sings altered lyrics to the song “Stacy’s Mom,” specifically addressing Schwartzy’s mother by saying, “Schwartzy, do you not comprehend? / Raquel is not meant for me.”

“Cohen told Madix four days ago that she was handwriting letters to send to my house. According to WWHL, Madix still continues to buy letters, but Leviss has recently distanced himself from Sandoval. An unnamed source tells Vanderpump Rules shortly before May 17, 2023.”

Raquel Leviss has a conversation with someone for more than ten minutes, and he has saved their contact information in his phone. TMZ obtains a photo of someone who will be appearing with Sandoval on a Southwest Airlines flight to Pittsburgh on May 28, 2023.

Do you know? It’s not directly connected, but it’s not completely unrelated either. Tom Schwartz lightens his hair. Additionally, Madix and Sandoval are seen together at the same occasions for shooting in the subsequent months. Leviss is the sole cast member from the previous season who has chosen to leave the show. The filming of Vanderpump Rules season 11 commences in July 2023.

On July 16, 2023, Rachel declares her decision to revert to her original name, while Leviss departs from the mental health institution in Arizona.

She suspects that he never loved her, says she. She says that Sandoval really never loved her, didn’t he? She describes their dalliance with Sandoval as a byproduct of her “addiction to love,” confusing intimacy with intensity. Leviss says that Madix and she were never friends, only hanging out in close settings with Sandoval. Leviss alleges that there was no real relationship or breakup, but rather that Madix and Sandoval were partners and roommates. However, she expresses remorse for the lies and secrets during the two-part discussion on Madix and Sandoval’s podcast on Bethenny Frankel’s pod, Rachel Leviss: August 16, 2023.

Schroeder stated, “I have the ability to heal by myself.” Schroeder expressed her reluctance to make her experiences public. “I can’t even be in the presence of certain individuals, and as a result, I have been receiving less screen time,” Schroeder clarified, referring to the male cast members of the show. On her podcast, Stassi Schroeder revealed instances where male cast members of VPR had their content edited to portray them negatively. Leviss confirmed that he confessed to recording her without consent on camera, but later refused to participate in filming to have the footage removed. She asserts that he admitted to recording her without permission. Leviss mentioned that Sandoval’s justification was that he wanted her to see it later to appreciate her beauty. She also discusses feeling betrayed by Sandoval’s screen recording. Leviss reiterates her claims that Shay physically assaulted her, stating that she still bears a scar. The second part of Bethenny Frankel’s interview with Rachel Leviss will be aired on August 17, 2023.

According to Leviss, she felt like she was selling her soul on the past season of the reality show, as if it was a fabricated end to this season. She also added that it made her skeptical and grossed out, as it seemed like the show was without any monetary benefit or reward. Additionally, Sandoval was offered credit as a producer on season 11 of the reality show.

Frankel Bethenny is removed from Leviss’ podcast Drops with 3 Part: 2023, August 18. During the reunion, she felt a violation similar to HIPAA and it was conjectured by Andy Cohen that she was heavily “medicated”. She claims that she was “caught” by the paparazzi when she took time away, but originally, she was also going to have professional mental health support during the reunion, as mentioned in her trailer.

The network stated that Tom Sandoval was never given a producer credit for Season 11 and had no control over the editing process for any season of Vanderpump Rules. Bravo also refuted many of Leviss’ claims, including the assertion that Tom Sandoval was offered a producing credit for season 11 or had any influence over the editing of season 10. Leviss expressed that discussing being “the other woman” is an overlooked topic that people are hesitant to address. She mentioned her disinterest in returning to reality TV but expressed a desire to start a podcast centered around the experience of being the other woman. Leviss acknowledged that while this affair has caused pain for many individuals, there are also those who have been in similar situations.

She stated, “That video had disappeared completely before I even contacted her over the telephone.” Madix backed Leviss on sending the cease and desist letters that gave rise to “Send it to Darrell,” but also emphasized that she had never shared the video supposedly recorded by Tom Sandoval without Leviss’ permission. On August 25, 2023, Ariana Madix made an appearance on Scheananigans to talk about Leviss’ remarks on Just B.

Cast former or current any “statement a in said network The workplace.” The network said in a statement that any current or former crew or cast members are free to disclose and discuss any alleged acts of unlawful conduct, discrimination, or harassment in the workplace, as it is believed to be inappropriate.

This narrative is unfolding.