Moment Putin tank unit is destroyed in ‘textbook’ use of drones and artillery by Ukraine as Russian vehicles make ‘rookie mistakes’ by bunching together in a line

Retired US General, who was praised by troops in Kyiv for orchestrating a textbook strike, emerged from the front lines near Bakhmut with stunning videos of an attack on a column of Russian tanks and a drone artillery.

The Russian military vehicles rolled through an open field, moving away from the protection of the trees, as the assault near the town of Klishchiivka in Donetsk commenced.

Suddenly, explosions resounded as a signal emerged on the unassuming pillar, prompting a barrage of artillery fire and drone attacks, after it appeared that a tank had inadvertently driven over a landmine.

The open-source intelligence accounts and war monitors in Ukraine shared incredible drone footage that revealed the utter chaos and confusion of the Russian tank operators as shells rained down on the field, scoring direct hits on several vehicles.

One tank veered off to the right and broke away from the column, possibly in an attempt to escape, after the main gun of another Russian tank, which seemed to be the testament to the unit’s inexperience and probable panic, caused a mere blast just a few feet away.

Ben Hodges, the former commanding general of United States Army Europe, stated that the Russian column considered the ‘Opening-day mistakes’ as a flawless opportunity.

He stated, ‘seasoned Sergeants in this Russian battalion, there is no proof of… Limited distance with warfare in formation tanks Russian… Explosives seemingly and unmanned aircraft systems, integration textbook’s fires. UAF by remarkable.’

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials released a video today showcasing the destruction of a highly sophisticated Russian S-400 Triumf air-defense system, which was equipped with a multitude of missiles.

The attack, verified by HUR, the Ukrainian military intelligence agency, displays a massive blast in Olenevka, a settlement situated on Cape Tarkhankut in Crimea, within the video.

Anton Gerashchenko, a Ukrainian official, stated, “The explosion resulted in the complete destruction of the installation, including the missiles and personnel stationed there.”

Russian sources suspect that the explosion was triggered by a Storm Shadow missile provided by Britain and France to Ukraine.

According to the Russian Telegram channel Military Informant, earlier today in the Olenevka region in Crimea, the adversary released a video showing an attack on an S-400 air defense system.

‘The specific target of the strike remains uncertain, but it is believed to have been a Storm Shadow cruise missile.

Furthermore, a Ukrainian surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle flew freely directly over the locations of the air-defense system, conducting unbiased monitoring.

‘These occurrences raise valid inquiries about the caliber of air-defense coverage in one of the most “missile-risky” areas of Russia.’

Some reports suggested that other missile systems from Russia, such as Bastion and Pantsir-S1 systems, were also eliminated.

Petr Andryushchenko, an advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, stated, “The complex Bastion is one of the carriers used by the Russians to launch Onyx missiles, which hit Ukraine.”

‘The S-400 Triumf complex from Russia was demolished in Crimea.’

During the 18-month conflict, it is notable that the Kremlin’s forces have adopted a distinctive approach, as they have recently initiated another round of attacks on Ukrainian grain storage facilities. Additionally, it seems that Kyiv has once again focused its efforts on Moscow, as Russia and Ukraine reportedly engaged in reciprocal drone strikes early on Wednesday, according to officials.

Oleh Kiper, the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, ignited a fire at grain facilities during a three-hour nocturnal drone assault conducted by Russian forces on Tuesday in the southern Odesa region of Ukraine, all of which was documented on the Telegram messaging app.

Ukrainian air-defense systems shot down nine Shahed drones, Kiper mentioned, but also mentioned, ‘Regrettably, there are strikes on manufacturing and shipping facilities.’

Last month, President Vladimir Putin of Russia broke off Russia’s participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, a wartime deal that enabled Ukraine to reach many countries with its exports. As a result, significant parts of the grain city’s port facilities in Odesa were severely affected, causing a hunger of threat to many facing countries.

Russian officials claimed on Wednesday that the mayor and the defense ministry stated that Ukrainian drones were shot down in the early region surrounding Moscow.

Mayor Sergey Sobyanin of Moscow said that a drone smashed into a building under construction in the prestigious business complex in Moscow City, resulting in two nearby buildings having broken windows and emergency services responding to the scene.

The Defense Ministry of Russia stated that two other drones were shot down by air defense systems in the regions of Khimki and Mozhaisk, blaming Ukraine for the attack. They also mentioned that the drone had been electronically jammed.

Officials in Kyiv, as per usual, neither confirmed nor denied if Ukraine was responsible for the drone attacks.

According to Russian state media, the airports in Moscow were temporarily shut down but have since resumed operations.

Earlier this year, Kyiv’s forces began retaliating against Moscow by deploying unmanned aerial vehicles towards the Russian capital, specifically targeting military resources located beyond the front lines in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. This action came after months of defending Ukrainian territory against Russian incursions.

Kyiv is also trying to keep up the pressure on the Kremlin by pursuing a counteroffensive along multiple fronts, diplomatically obtaining pledges of more weaponry from its Western allies, including F-16 warplanes, along the 900-mile front line at various points.

Meanwhile, as per Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov, a sanatorium in the Belgorod region of Russia, near the Ukrainian border, was subjected to repeated shelling resulting in the unfortunate loss of three lives.

Gladkov reported that while individuals were on the road, the adversary released two explosive devices from an unmanned aerial vehicle. He mentioned that the sanatorium in the village of Lavy, which is approximately 25 miles away from the border, was subjected to bombardment.

The region of Belgorod, which witnessed sporadic shelling and fighting during the war, is now being prompted to introduce stricter security measures to prevent any further incursion across the border.